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Special ammunitions require special care and maintenance of the operative’s weapon. Because of this, not all operatives bother with them, but for those who take the time to deal with the extra requirements, they make a wonderful addition to any arsenal. Vanguards need their ammo to do two things. Hit hard, and and set up future attacks to hit even harder. They do this by creating a minor warp field around their ammo, making it damaging and unpredictable. Even an Asari Matriarch would be hard pressed to pop such a field up around regular ammunition, Warp Ammo is a blend of biotic-conductive materials with trace bits of E-Zero in it. It doesn’t end up being as expensive as it sounds, as the materials and eezo used are grades that aren’t suitable for making implants or fuel, and would otherwise just be recycled or discarded.

Ammunition powers are special in that they need not be activated in combat unless the character is switching from one type of ammunition to another. Even though there is some active component to firing warp ammo, as the Vanguard must activate some minor biotics, this doesn’t count as activating a biotic power any more than the extra power behind Martial Arts attacks does. Naturally, Warp Ammo is completely normal in the hands of a non-biotic.

  1. Warp Ammunition: Warp ammo is volatile and unpredictable. It’s also extremely disconcerting to the targets it hits, making it harder for them to defend from further attacks. Any critical hit with Warp Ammo increases the damage multiplier of the crit, so attacks that normally do 150% damage on a crit deal double damage, and so on.
    • Targets struck with Warp Ammo suffer Sunder All 1 for their next 3 turns.
    • Each time the target is struck Warp ammo while under its effects the duration resets, and the penalty increases by 1, to a maximum of Sunder All 3.
  2. Biotic Synergy: Attacks using Warp Ammo automatically crit against any target suffering a biotic attack like Pull, Warp, Lift, Singularity, etc. On a critical roll against such a target, the damage multiplier increases an additional step.
    • Warp Ammo’s penalty can build up further, to a maximum of Sunder All 4.
  3. Warp Penetration: The field on Warp Ammo is now advanced enough that it sometimes fools the kinetic barriers created by modern armor. In addition, it becomes extremely taxing to repel Warp Ammo shots with biotic barriers.
    • Warp Ammo ignores tech shields on a critical hit, going straight to health damage.
    • Against biotic barriers, warp shots do the ‘regular’ crit damage of 150% on normal hits.
  4. Unstable Warp: The field around warp ammo is now much more likely to violently come apart when it comes to a sudden stop. Which it does when it hits a target.
    • The crit range of any attack using Warp Ammo increases by 2.
    • Warp ammo’s defense penalty can now build all the way up to Sunder All 5.

Warp Ammo

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