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Warlord is an ability that improves the soldier’s whole squad. Most operatives work best alone, but battle-specialists like Soldiers know the value of force-multiplication. With a well trained tactician like a soldier directing a squad, it goes from being a collection of dangerous warriors to a finely tuned force of destruction.

The base effects of Warlord are always active as long as the squad has the soldier with them and can hear him via shouting or coms. Further investment in this power improves the base bonuses and gives the soldier a few extra tricks to keep his people at top efficiency.

  1. Warlord: The benefits of having a strong leader are substantial. Through inspiration and tactical know-how, the squad is simply more dangerous. Everyone in the squad, including the Soldier, can add the Soldier’s Charisma as a bonus to their Health.
    • All squad members may spend their minor action getting into perfect position, gaining a +3 accuracy bonus and +5 damage on their attack that round.
    • All squad members get +5 Armor.
  2. Go Go Go!: As a minor action, the soldier allows one or more of his squad to move on his turn. He rolls Charisma + Warlord, and for every 5 points of the roll, rounded down, one squad member can choose to move 1 space during the Warlord’s turn.
    • Squad members may add the Soldier’s Charisma as a bonus to their Shields.
  3. You’re Good to Go: When a companion is struck by a debilitating effect like a Stun that causes the loss of an action, an accuracy or defense penalty, or a penalty to an attribute, the Soldier can try to help him out. The roll is Charisma + Warlord, and if the Soldier can beat the roll that inflicted the condition on his squadmate, the effect ends immediately. If not, the squadmate shakes the effect off for his next turn only. You’re Good to Go is a minor action.
    • The armor bonus increases to +10
  4. Victory!: Declaring victory as good as certain, the soldier inspires his squad. This ability requires no roll if it seems that the battle is indeed decided in the favor of the soldier and his squad. If it seems like the soldier and his squad are losing, he must roll Charisma + Warlord, beating a target number determined by how bad the situation is. Success indicates the squad gets their bonus Resolve point right away, instead of waiting until the combat is over to regain it. Victory can only be used once in a combat, even if the combat is so epic that winning grants more than 1 Resolve point.
    • Squad Accuracy improves by +1 and squad weapons all gain +2 to base damage; whenever fighting alongside the Soldier.


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