Vanguard Levels

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Class Traits – Vanguard Levels

Level bonuses for Vangaurds

  • For Specializations, a letter following the bonus indicates that bonus must be applied to a certain weapon. A bonus with no letter may be applied to any specialization.
    • S: Shotgun; M: Melee attacks; P: Heavy Pistol N: New weapon specialization.
  • For Defenses the Letter indicates which one increases. D is regular defense, T is Tech, B is Biotic; A for all.
  • The Health / Shields column will have a H or an S to indicate which is being gained at that level.
  • In the Bonus Column, S indicates Shotgun, M indicates Melee attacks.
Level Accuracy Specs Defenses Health/Shields Special
1 Base Base Base Base Base
2 +5 S Spectre Training 1
3 +1 S +5 H  
4 +1 B +5 S  
5 +2 N +5 H  
6 +1 +1 M +1 D +5 S  
7 +5 H Bonus Damage: +5 S; +5 M
8 +5 S Spectre Training 2
9 +1 +5 H  
10 +1 A +5 H; +5 S  
11 +5 S Bonus Damage: +5 S; +5 M
12 +1 +5 H  
13 +1 P +5 S Spectre Training 3
14 +1 T +5 H  
15 +5 S  
16 +1 +1 B +5 S  
17 +5 H Spectre Training 4
18 +1 +1 D +5 S  
19 +5 H  
20 +1 A +5 H; +5 S Bonus Damage: +5 S; +5 M

Spectre Training – Destroyer

A passive power that improves a Vangaurd’s specialties, fury, speed, and shock. This power cannot be purchased with points, it is gained as the Sentinel levels, reflecting the impressive gains from both Spectre Training, and surviving the kinds of situations Spectres must face.

  1. Battledance: Vanguards who can’t take care of themselves when surrounded by enemies don’t live long. As a consequence, most vanguards don’t live long. Those successful enough to become Specters learn to defend themselves without needing to hide behind cover. They use the flow of combat to their advantage.
    • The Vanguard can spend a point of Resolve to make an Melee attack roll on an adjacent enemy as a reaction when being fired upon. If successful, the enemy is hit instead of the Vanguard.
    • Specter vanguards compensate for their lack of time behind cover by boosting their shields with minor biotic pushes. Every time the Vanguard makes an attack (successful or not) using the Martial Arts power, he regains 5 shields.
    • The Vanguard’s melee attacks are precise and furious, doing +5 damage on a hit to an armored target.
  2. Fury: Though sheer all-out fury is rarely underestimated, it’s harder to just tap into than most people think. Even Krogan can be lackluster in their blood rage, just thrashing about as instinct demands. Specter vanguards don’t just use their fury they live it, cultivating an explosive personality so that they can call on explosive physical action at any time.
    • By spending a Resolve point, a Vanguard can use a biotic power immediately after another was used, allowing him to keep up a furious assault on an enemy.
    • The biotic force powering Charge also restores shield power, restoring 25 shields whenever Charge is used.
    • Vanguards are not afraid to get up in someone’s face. Be it a hard sell with Persuasion or shouting someone down with Intimidation, the Vanguard gets a +2 bonus on social skill tasks as long as he’s loud and emotional about it.
  3. Elegance: Power properly applied is beautiful. With the elegance of a lightning bolt or a Mass Relay Jump, a Specter vanguard applies immense force to maximum effect.
    • Pile Driver no longer needs to crit or drain resolve to stun an enemy, it always delivers its stun effect when it hits.
    • Vanguards gain +5 to both Melee and Athletics tasks.
    • The Vanguard’s melee attacks are even better at cutting through armor, now ignoring 3 points of armor.
  4. Relentless: When Specter vanguards hit the top of their game, there’s little, if anything, that can stop them. If the vanguard wants to come through an area he will, and your only real defense is to be very far away.
    • The Vanguard can spend a Resolve point to use a Biotic power as a minor action instead of a standard action.
    • Charge becomes much less draining. It can be used 4 times in a combat without requiring Resolve, and it does not prevent the use of other Biotics on the round after it was used.
    • The Vanguard’s melee attacks now ignore up to 5 points of armor.

Vanguard Levels

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