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Tremor is an extremely powerful area-effect biotic power on the level of Singularity, with the power to completely change what’s happening in an area of the battlefield. It always expands outwards from the vanguard, it cannot be used at a distance. However, it does distinguish between friend and foe, striking only targets the Vanguard designates, usually all his enemies and none of his allies. When activated, Tremor creates multiple collapsing and exploding mass effect fields that radiate outward, creating a rolling-boom sound and causing the ground around him to shake. Shields take full damage from the multiple explosive fields, and shielded targets still suffer the power’s knockback.

Tremor is even more draining than normal biotics. It can be used only once in a combat without spending Resolve, and even with Resolve it can’t be used more than 3 times in a single combat.

Tremor hits all foes within Short Range of the Vanguard, dealing its full damage to shields. All foes who fail to defend against the attack take the full effect of the power. Even those that successfully defend take half damage from the attack unless they have some reactive way of escaping the area of effect. Tremor acts like a Heavy Weapon attack, destroying all light cover within the area of effect, leaving the knocked back enemies open to fire from the vanguard’s allies.

  1. Tremor: Brilliant blue explodes outwards in all directions, shaking the ground, tearing up the air, and and clearing some serious space around the Vanguard.
    • The attack roll for Tremor is Willpower + Tremor, as a Standard action.
      • On a critical hit, all enemies take full damage and knockback, regardless of defenses.
    • Tremor delivers 50 damage, 60 on a crit and inflicts Knockback 1.
  2. Power Synergy: Tremor is difficult to synergize with other powers, but a really experienced biotic can do it. The vibrations of Tremor shake up anyone affected by another power, for most it’s all they can do to just recover from those powers for a few rounds afterwards. Setting off a Tremor near a power like Singularity has unpredictable results, and will usually be cinematic and exciting.
    • Targets under the effect of a damaging power like Warp will really be rattled, suffering Stun on their next round, and being Dazed the round after.
    • Suspended targets are badly disoriented, suffering the Flashed condition.
    • Tremor damage is upgraded to 60 base, 75 crit.
  3. Aftershocks: Tremor can be extended to cause dangerous vibrations in the ground even after the initial blast. This can be dangerous if the vanguard has allies near him, because they can’t be exempted from this effect, so it’s not always used. However, it’s a great boon to a Vanguard who’s out by himself in the middle of his enemies. The Aftershock effect comes to an end on the beginning of the Vanguard’s next turn, but can be extended for one additional Round at the cost of a Resolve point. The Vanguard is not affected by the Aftershock effects.
    • During each round of the Aftershock, everyone in the area except the Vanguard is Slowed.
    • Tremor’s blast can now inflict Knockback 2. The Vanguard may choose to knock back only 1 space, if he wishes to keep enemies inside the area of effect to take advantage of Aftershocks.
  4. Launch: The vanguard may now use Tremor’s explosive power to hurl himself up to 3 spaces away in any direction he likes. This movement is not as directed as a Charge, he has to follow a ballistic arc, but it can easily put the vanguard back with his allies, in cover, or on top of a flung enemy in most situations.
    • Tremor’s damage increases to 70 base, 90 crit, and can inflict Knockback of up to 3.


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