Soldier Levels

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Class Traits – Soldier Levels

Level bonuses for Soldiers

  • For Specializations, a letter following the bonus indicates that bonus must be applied to a certain weapon. A bonus with no letter may be applied to any specialization.
    • A: Assault Rifle; M: Sub Machine Gun; H: Heavy Weapons; S: Shotgun; P: Pistol; N: New weapon specialization.
  • For Defenses the Letter indicates which one increases. D is regular defense, T is Tech, B is Biotic; A for all.
  • The Health / Shields column will have a H or an S to indicate which is being gained at that level.
  • In the Bonus Column, A indicates Assault Rifle, HW indicates an increase to Heavy Weapon crit range.
Level Accuracy Specs Defenses Health/Shields Special
1 Base Base Base Base Base
2 +5 H Spectre Training 1
3 +2 N +5 H  
4 +1 D +5 S  
5 +1 +5 H Bonus Damage: +5 AR; +1 HW-C
6 +1 +1 T +5 S  
7 +5 H  
8 +1 A +5 H Spectre Training 2
9 +5 H  
10 +1 +1 A +10 H; +5 S  
11 +1 M +5 S Bonus Damage: +5 AR; +1 HW-C
12 +1 +5 H  
13 +5 S Spectre Training 3
14 +1 H +1 D +5 H  
15 +1 +5 S  
16 +1 P +1 T +5 H  
17 +5 H Spectre Training 4
18 +1 +1 B +5 S  
19 +1 S +5 H  
20 +1 +1 A +10 H; +5 S Bonus Damage: +5 AR; +1 HW-C

Spectre Training – Commando

A passive power that improves a Soldier’s specialties, toughness, weapon mastery, and tactics. This power cannot be purchased with points, it is gained as the Soldier levels, reflecting the impressive gains from both Spectre Training, and surviving the kinds of situations Spectres must face.

  1. Tactics: Soldier Specters focus on combat and tactics until they live and breathe a world of situations and targets. They hone their skills, until their weapons become an extension of their body.
    • A Soldier can spend a point of Resolve to hit a target with any of his specialized weapons, other than heavy weapons, without needing to roll. The weapon hits without critting, but it hits the target no matter how difficult the shot, as long as its possible.
    • Adrenaline Rush lasts 2 additional Rounds when activated.
    • When laying down suppressing fire, a soldier increases the penalty on the enemies by 2.
  2. Barrage: What comes out of a gun is as important as the weapon itself, after all, that’s the bit that hurts people. Specter soldiers master firing techniques and bring their already impressive skills with custom ammunition to new heights.
    • AP and Shredder rounds are built more efficiently, burning through thermal clips at half the rate. The soldier can fire those lower-tech ammunitions twice as long before having to pop in a new clip.
    • Inferno rounds are designed to be frangible, to break on impact. Damage is unaffected, but the spreading now causes them to ignite targets as well, whenever that target takes Health damage. Ignited targets take 10 additional fire damage at the end of their next turn.
    • A soldier using suppressing fire now increases the penalty by 3 more, for a massive -10 accuracy on the enemies that choose not to get hit.
  3. Fitness: Specter soldiers have incredible physiques, perhaps not necessarily as muscular as a Vanguard but easily as fit. People who have to be fit or die often surprise even professional athletes, there’s an anecdote on the citadel about a marathon that was being run full circle around the Presidium. Saren and Nihilus were both between missions, and got into a bit of friendly rivalry over the race. The two of them ran it, in full battle-gear, and came in second and third, with Nihilus just behind Saren.
    • Defensive Posture and Immunity both get a boost, bringing the soldier up to +10 to defenses when using those abilities. The Soldier’s regeneration increases by 2 per round.
    • When an enemy is Suppressed by a soldier, if he choses to not take the penalty and get hit instead, the enemy takes the crit damage of the soldier’s weapon, not the regular damage.
    • The Soldier gets a +5 bonus on all Endurance and Tactics tests.
  4. Battlemaster: The soldier is hardly a single man anymore, he’s a mobile weapon platform, loose on the battlefield. He can dish out punishment and take it, fighting with impressive skill regardless of what weapon is in his hands.
    • When using ‘Victory!’, the soldier grants his squad an extra Resolve point, instead of just granting the end-of-battle point early.
    • The soldier’s grenade launcher improves, he can now bring along 9 total grenades, and as many sticky grenades as he likes.
    • The soldier increases his Armor rating by 3.

Soldier Levels

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