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Singularity is an immensely powerful Biotic power, that creates a dark energy well nearly anywhere on the battlefield, and then draws everything nearby toward it. The mass effect fields and energy drain effect that surround the singularity lift everything toward it, draining shields and biotic barriers. Unshielded beings caught in the field suffer damage in addition to being lifted up.

Even more than most Biotic powers, Singularity is very draining to use. It can be used only once in a single combat, activating it a second time or more requires spending a point of Resolve. Even with Resolve it can’t be activated more than 3 times in a single battle. It lasts a long time, however, becoming more of a new environment on the battlefield than a power, per-se. Once activated, a Singularity persists for a number of Rounds equal to the Adept’s Willpower. It can be cancelled early if the Adept wishes.

The actual dark energy center of the singularity is fairly small, but the field it generates covers everything within short range of that point. Singularity need not be targeted at any specific person, but a Willpower + Singularity roll is made when it is activated, setting the strength of that particular Singularity. It is not difficult to shoot targets suspended in a Singularity, but it is difficult to shoot targets on the other side. Anyone who has the LOS to their target broken by a Singularity treats the target as if they were under Cover, and cannot effectively attack targets that are blocked by a singularity and under cover.

  1. Singularity: Everything within the field is affected to one extent or another. All persons inside the field suffer degradation of their shields and biotic barriers. Anyone with a Biotic Defense lower than the Singularity’s Strength is lifted up by it, and suffers Health damage once their shields are depleted. Targets inside a Singularity but not lifted don’t suffer Health damage once their shields are gone, but they suffer Suppression.
    • The Singularity depletes all shields and barriers at the rate of 10 points per Round. Health damage occurs at 5 points per round.
  2. Power Synergy: Singularity does not synergize well with other powers. An advanced user can decide what will happen if another Mass Effect field collapses the Singularity. There are two choices, the Singularity can explode, dealing its remaining energy outward in a shockwave, or it can do no extra damage, but hurl its targets in a specific direction. That decision must be made when the Singularity is first created.
    • Shields and barriers take 15 damage per Round. Health damage increases to 10 per Round.
  3. Heavy Singularity: This Singularity variant lasts only half the normal time, rounded down, and does the same amount of damage per round as normal. However, it built to have far greater lifting power, and gets a +5 bonus to the activation roll as far as what targets it can suspend.
    • Spending a Resolve Point extends a Heavy Singularity to the full duration, and increases the roll bonus to +10.
  4. Super Singularity: Less able to suspend targets than the regular version, a Super Singularity has an extremely wide field of effect, covering an area 2 spaces from the center in all directions, probably affecting a substantial chunk of the battlefield. Barriers are damaged as normal, as is health for those suspended, but the activation roll gets a -10 penalty for the purposes of who will be suspended in the field. A Super Singularity is less a method of crowd control and more a way to strip an entire enemy squad of their shields and barriers. Due to the reduced kinetic power, Super Singularities do not provide cover.
    • Shield and barriers are now damaged at 20 points per round. Health Damage increases to 15 points per round.


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