Sentinel Levels

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Class Traits – Sentinel Levels

Level bonuses for Sentinels

  • For Specializations, a letter following the bonus indicates that bonus must be applied to a certain weapon. A bonus with no letter may be applied to any specialization.
    • S: Sub Machine Gun; P: Heavy Pistol; N: New weapon specialization.
  • For Defenses the Letter indicates which one increases. D is regular defense, T is Tech, B is Biotic; A for all.
  • The Health / Shields column will have a H or an S to indicate which is being gained at that level.
  • In the Bonus Column, T indicates Throw, O indicates Overload.
Level Accuracy Specs Defenses Health/Shields Special
1 Base Base Base Base Base
2 +5 S Spectre Training 1
3 +1 P +5 H  
4 +1 T +5 S  
5 +5 H Bonus Damage: +10 T & O
6 +1 A +5 S  
7 +1 S +5 H  
8 +5 S Spectre Training 2
9 +1 B +5 H  
10 +1 +1 A +7 H; +7 S  
11 +1 +5 S Bonus Damage: +10 T & O
12 +5 H  
13 +5 S Spectre Training 3
14 +1 N +2 B +5 H  
15 +5 S  
16 +1 P +2 T +5 S  
17 +5 H Spectre Training 4
18 +2 D +5 S  
19 +1 S +5 H  
20 +1 +1 A +7 H; +7 S Bonus Damage: +10 T & O

Spectre Training – Defender

A passive power that improves a Sentinel’s specialties, durability, disabling, and support. This power cannot be purchased with points, it is gained as the Sentinel levels, reflecting the impressive gains from both Spectre Training, and surviving the kinds of situations Spectres must face.

  1. Resourceful: Sentinels who get Specter training focus on staying flexible. The idea is not to specialize in a single area, but to be able to handle anything the job throws at them. Considering how varied missions and situations can be, this is no easy task.
    • The Sentinel can spend a point of Resolve to substitute his Intelligence for another attribute on any roll, allowing him to handle nearly any situation with a little effort.
    • Tech Armor gets a bonus of +5 to both the shield boost from activating the armor, and to the damage dealt when the protection explodes outwards.
    • Once per day a Sentinel can attempt an Unskilled roll as if he were a Novice, on any skill.
  2. Resourceful: As part of being flexible, Sentinel Specters learn to use their powers and skills under imperfect conditions. Resources and time are often limited, and perfect moments are few and far between, when you’re dealing with high stress missions.
    • By spending a Resolve point, a Sentinel can use a biotic power immediately after another was used, allowing him to more quickly deploy his powers or synergize them.
    • Cryo Grenades can now penetrate shields much like a Cryo Blaster does, though it doesn’t break shields down. Shielded targets no longer gain a defense bonus against Cryo Grenades, though targets protected by a biotic barrier still gain the bonus.
    • When patching up a comrade, the Sentinel gains a +10 bonus to the number of health points healed. He may also choose to expend extra gel, for an additional +10 points healed per additional dose used.
  3. Finesse: The Sentinel isn’t all about generalizing. Specter training also hones his best abilities, boosting his ability at key skills, and adding a couple of biotic tricks. He becomes an artist on the battlefield, applying pressure to create the perfect ending.
    • Warp now explodes when it comes in contact with a Biotic barrier, instead of being wasted. It does a flat 5 damage per level of Warp that the Biotic knows, all at once.
    • The Sentinel picks any three skills, and gains a permanent +5 on all tasks for those skills.
    • When activating a biotic power, the Sentinel can bolster his shields a little. Upon activating a biotic power, the Sentinel gains 10 shields, even if his shields are down.
  4. Sagacity: The Sentinel can dig down deep, pulling out all the stops to pull off miracles on demand. That kind of brilliance makes or breaks a situation, putting the Sentinel’s team on top.
    • The Sentinel can spend a Resolve point to use a Biotic power as a minor action instead of a standard action.
    • Warp’s power intensifies, draining 20 points of Health per round, and increasing all it’s penalties to Armor, and defenses by 2.
    • Once per day the Sentinel has a flash of brilliance. When attempting a skill task for any skill he knows at Expert or better, he need not roll, he automatically succeeds, with a critical success. (For a chance at a Triumphant success as a Grandmaster, he still needs to roll)

Sentinel Levels

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