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Pile Driver is a Throw variant that is designed to compliment the close-in fighting style of Vanguards. Like Throw, it delivers damage via a powerful kinetic attack. However, instead of knocking the enemy away from the Vanguard, it comes from above, knocking the enemy down. Because it comes down from above, it also ignores most Cover bonuses, unless the enemy has cover above as well as in front of them. However, dropping a biotic field from above an enemy is a lot more difficult than simply projecting it away from one’s body, so Pile Driver cannot be used outside of Medium Range.

Like most Biotic powers, Pile Driver is draining to use. Using it more than twice in a single combat requires the Vanguard to spend a point of Resolve.

  1. Pile Driver: A mass effect field forms over the target, concentrates into a tight ball, and then slams downward. The effect looks a lot like a water drop forming on a flat surface and then shooting downward.
    • The attack roll for Pile Driver is Willpower + Pile Driver, against the target’s Biotic Defense.
    • Pile driver delivers 40 damage, 60 on a crit and inflicts Knockdown.
  2. Power Synergy: Advanced use of Pile Driver can take advantage of a biotic field that’s already affecting the target. The powerful downward blast of energy can disorient a target who’s already being wracked by biotics, or get a boost from the fact that the subject has further to fall before hitting the ground.
    • Against a target under a damaging biotic power like Warp, Pile Driver inflicts a brutal Daze 5 effect.
    • Against a Suspended target, Pile Driver gains a +10/+20 bonus to damage.
    • Pile Driver now hits for 50 damage, 75 on a crit.
  3. Stun Driver: Pile driver now gains its stun effect whenever the power crits or the vanguard spends a Resolve point. It also has become a little less taxing to the more experienced Biotic, able to be activated more often.
    • On a critical hit, the Pile Driver inflicts Daze 5 on the target. The Vanguard can spend a point of Resolve to activate the Daze 5 effect on a non-crit roll.
      • When hitting a Warped enemy, if the Daze effect activates from a crit or Resolve point, the target is Stunned.
    • Pile Driver can now be used 3 times in combat before Resolve is needed to activate it.
  4. Crusher: Eschewing power for area of effect, the vanguard can drop a whole group of enemies to the ground instead of hitting a single enemy with the full force of the effect.
    • Crusher attacks inflict 40 damage (60 crit) and Knockdown on the primary target and all other targets in Short Range.
      • The difficulty for a Crusher attack is the highest Biotic Defense among the targets.
      • Resolve cannot be spent to Daze the targets. A critical roll still inflicts Daze 5 on all targets.
    • Regular Pile Driver damage increases to 60/90, and inflicts Smoked on either on their next turn, or on the turn after any Daze effect wears off.

Pile Driver

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