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A brief history of the Eden Prime Conflict, and the last few years afterwards.

  • Commander John Shepard, an Earthborn Soldier who was noted for his valor as the only survivor of a Thresher Maw attack on Akuze is entered into Spectre Candidacy. He was able to save the human colony of Eden Prime but failed to recover the Prothean Beacon.
  • On the Citadel, Shepard acquired evidence of the traitorous actions of the Turian spectre Saren, mostly via force of arms. In his mad dash across the Citadel he was seen in places high and low, from the Consort’s chambers to a dingy bar in the wards where he slew a crimelord named Fist.
  • For bringing the evidence to light, Shepard was made the first Human Spectre, and charged with bringing the rogue Spectre to justice.
  • Shepard traveled quite a bit in space during his pursuit of Saren, notably saving a colony on Ferros from a strange plant creature called The Thorian. He also took on an Asari crewmember that is rumored to have become his lover.
  • Near the end of his search, Shepard returned from a planet called Virmire minus one of his crewmembers. Lt. Commander Kaiden Alenko was killed in action there. There were also rumors that Shepard found and destroyed a cure for the Genophage.
  • In the skies over Terra Nova, Shepard confronted Batarian terrorists who were going to deorbit an asteroid and kill most of the colony members. Shepard saved the colony but elected to let the terrorist leader, a Batarian named Balak, go free in order to save some hostages.
  • Shepard disappeared for a while, and during that time, the Citadel suffered a terrible attack that is still not fully understood. Somehow Geth made it inside the citadel and took over the station with the help of the rogue Spectre Saren. At the 11th hour, Shepard also arrived at the citadel and defeated Saren while an enormous Geth dreadnought called Sovereign tried to interface with the control systems in the Presidium Tower.
  • Shepard is credited with giving the order to save the Destiny Ascension Dreadnought that was safeguarding the Citadel Council. Though he had no clear authority to command the 5th Alliance fleet, when they came to the Citadel’s rescue they obeyed Shepard’s order to assist the Council in addition to fighting Sovereign and the rest of the Geth fleet.
  • Grateful for their lives, the Council gave Shepard the choice between two humans to serve on the Council with them. Shepard chose Captain Andersen, now Councilor Andersen, to serve humanity and Citadel Space on the Council.
  • The Human Alliance signed the Treaty of Firaxian as a full Council race, with the right to produce as many Dreadnoughts as the Turians.

Since Then…

  • Shepard was declared KIA by Geth forces in a remote section of space in the Terminus systems.
  • Reports of Rachni ships, or ships very much like the Rachni ships of old began to be reported in remote areas of space. The Council has pledged to investigate.
  • The Post-Eden Conflict Council focused most of it’s energy on rebuilding, unification, and winning the war against the Geth. While they were most successful against the Geth, relations between Council species are fairly good, and Citadel Space is prosperous.
  • Shepard was spotted on Omega, sparking many wild rumors.
  • Shepard’s KIA status confirmed a mistake when he docked on the Citadel in a larger, more advanced version of his destroyed ship. The Council chose to reinstate Shepard’s Spectre status despite persistent rumors that he was working for Cerberus, a human terrorist organization.
  • Shepard seemed to be engaged in mercenary work, or perhaps even terrorist work for Cerberus. He was seen fighting on many worlds, often against mercenary groups, sometimes in civilized areas like the Citadel or Illium.
  • Shepard broke the power of the Blue Suns by slaying their leader. The Blue Suns have since fractured into two separate companies, Nova which retains blue as it’s uniform color, and Dar’shan, who’s uniform color is green. Nova is a more human-centric group, while Dar’shan is more heavily populated by Batarians.
  • Since then Shepard has been credited with:
    • Supporting Urdnot Wrex’s bid for rulership of Tuchunka, destroying his rival clan Weyrloc.
    • Destroying the Quarian Flotilla.
    • Kidnapping and murdering an Asari Justicar.
    • Engaging in assassinations on the Citadel itself.
  • Shepard has not been seen for some time in Citadel space, which is the only reason there isn’t an outcry for the revocation of his Spectre status.

Old News

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