Infiltrator Levels

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Class Traits – Infiltrator Levels

Level bonuses for Infiltrators

  • For Specializations, a letter following the bonus indicates that bonus must be applied to a certain weapon. A bonus with no letter may be applied to any specialization.
    • S: Sniper Rifle; P: Heavy Pistol; L: Light Pistol or SMG; N: New weapon specialization.
  • For Defenses the Letter indicates which one increases. D is regular defense, T is Tech, B is Biotic; A for all.
  • The Health / Shields column will have a H or an S to indicate which is being gained at that level.
  • In the Bonus Column, SR indicates Sniper Rifle, HP indicates Heavy Pistol.
Level Accuracy Specs Defenses Health/Shields Special
1 Base Base Base Base Base
2 +5 S Spectre Training 1
3 +1 +5 S  
4 +1 T +5 S  
5 +2 N +5 H  
6 +1 +1 D +5 S  
7 +5 H Bonus Damage: +5 SR; +2 HP
8 +5 S Spectre Training 2
9 +1 S +5 S  
10 +1 A +5 H; +5 S  
11 +5 S Bonus Damage: +5 SR; +3 HP
12 +1 +1 P +5 S  
13 +1 D +5 S Spectre Training 3
14 +1 +5 H  
15 +1 T +5 S  
16 +1 L +5 S  
17 +1 B +5 H Spectre Training 4
18 +1 +5 S  
19 +1 +5 S  
20 +1 A +5 H; +5 S Bonus Damage: +5 SR; +5 HP

Spectre Training – Operative

A passive power that improves an Infiltrator’s specialties, surprise, discretion, and finesse. This power cannot be purchased with points, it is gained as the infiltrator levels, reflecting the impressive gains from both Spectre Training, and surviving the kinds of situations Spectres must face.

  1. Deadeye: Spectre training for Infiltrators focuses first on improving their already impressive sniping capability. The focus is on steady nerves under fire, and being able to remain accurate and calm despite distractions or pain.
    • The Infiltrator can spend a point of Resolve to make any hit with a Sniper Rifle or Heavy Pistol a Critical Hit, gaining all the benefits of a natural critical roll on the die.
    • Marksman lasts 1 additional Round when activated.
    • All penalties to Reflexes or Accuracy are reduced by 2.
  2. Antibiotics: Training continues with a focus on fighting enemies who have biotic abilities. Powers that strip away shields, hurl people, and curve around cover are extremely dangerous to Infiltrators. Rather than try to generalize, Spectre Infiltrators just focus on getting biotics down as quickly as possible.
    • All special ammunition from the Disabling Ammo power now applies it’s anti-shield effects to Biotic barriers as well.
    • A critical hit on the die-roll with Toxic Ammo prevents a Biotic from activating any biotic abilities on his next turn.
    • All Reflex and Accuracy penalties are reduced by 3.
  3. Sniper’s Cloak: With the Infiltrator solidly grounded on taking out any target, he has himself become a higher priority target. Training now concentrates more on defense, and for an Infiltrator, the best defense is to not be targeted at all.
    • The Infiltrator gains +5 to all Stealth and Security tasks. While Marksman is active, cover provides +7 defense bonus for the Infiltrator, as he doesn’t have to be out from behind it as much.
    • Tactical Cloak persists until the start of the Infiltrator’s next turn when broken by firing a weapon, instead of ending immediately.
    • All Reflex and Accuracy penalties are reduced by 4.
  4. Electronic Warfare: Spectre Infiltrators round out their skills with some improvements to their battlefield technical skills. He with the best toys often in, on the modern battlefield. Experienced Spectre Infiltrators make sure their toys are the best, or steal the ones that aren’t.
    • Cryo ammo fired by the Spectre now gets the full crit-range bonus against all targets, regardless of shield status. So if Disabling Ammo is maxed out, the Spectre has his crit-range increased by 3 with all weapons that are firing Cryo ammo, regardless of what he’s shooting.
    • Incinerate Grenades now deal 15 points of damage per round. If armed with a Corrosive Payload, they reduce Mech or Vehicle armor by 30 per round of burn.
    • All Reflex and Accuracy penalties are reduced by 5, negating most penalties completely.

Infiltrator Levels

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