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Grenade shots are like Tech Grenades in that they are explosive ordinance with a payload that has a purpose beyond inflicting raw damage. However, unlike Tech Grenades, they have no guidance system and they don’t sacrifice all their damage potential for a special payload. Grenades are fired from the underslung launcher on an assault rifle and they explode with damaging force in addition to their special properties.

Adding a grenade launcher that can fire different grenade types as directed in the middle of combat with a simple press of a button or command from the soldier’s helmet is not cheap, and it makes the weapon much heavier and less easy to aim. Thus, this kind of modification is rarely seen outside of special forces, and even then only weapon specialists like Soldiers bother with it. For those that do, it allows a number of special surprises that can turn the tide of battle.

A grenade launcher can carry a maximum of 6 grenades, and reloading it takes far longer than is feasable in battle. If the Soldier can use Sticky Grenades, he can only load 1 such grenade, due to the difficulty of feeding an adhesive grenade through the ammo system. When attacking with a grenade, the Soldier rolls his Reflexes + Base Accuracy. Anyone who’s Defense he beats takes full damage, anyone within the blast who had the better Defense takes half damage. Grenades do not do extra damage on a critical roll, but rather do full damage to all in the blast regardless of Defense.

  1. Frag Grenade: The humble frag grenade has come a long way. Now composed of sharp shards of metal surrounding a tiny eezo bomb, the explosion propels the shards with incredible force. The shards have reduced mass when the explosion hits them, but regain their mass when they travel a distance, much like modern slugs. This allows a single grenade detonated in midair to attack a substantial part of the battlefield, in most cases, an entire enemy force can be affected.
    • Enemies across an entire Medium Range area can be attacked, meaning something between 1/4 and 1/2 of the battlefield. Cover provides no bonus against the frag grenade unless it protects from above. Everyone who takes full damage from the grenade is considered suppressed.
    • Grenades inflict 30 damage.
  2. Concussion Grenade: Fired directly at an enemy, this grenade affects the enemy struck and everyone within Short Range of him. It explodes with a sonic shockwave, and an extremely bright flash of light, doing damage and badly disorienting those affected.
    • On a hit, the primary target is Flashed and takes full damage from the attack.
    • Secondary targets are Smoked 5 on their next turn.
    • Any target protected by a Biotic Barrier takes double damage.
    • Grenade Damage increases to 40.
  3. Toxic Grenade: This grenade hits a target and attacks him and everyone in Short Range. In addition to its explosion, it releases a compound that combines with the air to form a toxic gas. The cloud covers the whole detonation area pretty quickly, and is a thick, oily green color. The cloud remains mostly stable, being heavier than air, and drifts down to the ground in 5 rounds.
    • The cloud of gas is difficult to see through, everyone inside is Smoked.
    • Anyone in the cloud without a breather cannot Regenerate and requires twice as much Medi-gel for any healing effects.
    • Grenade damage increases to 50.
  4. Sticky Grenade: This grenade sticks to a target, and can be command-detonated or set on a timer. Trying to remove it almost always exposes the grenade layer under the adhesive to air, which also detonates the grenade. Sticky grenades score extra damage on the target they’re stuck to, inflicting 90 damage, and hit anyone in short range with the regular damage. They can also be used as impromptu mines in command detonation mode.
    • Sticky Grenades cannot actually stick to a target with shields or biotic barriers up, and thus deal only normal damage to such targets.
    • Grenade damage increases to 60.

Grenade Shot

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