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Fortification is a series of techniques that build on the brutal fitness training a soldier receives in boot camp, and whenever he goes back for more special training. The focus is on survival, endurance, and recovery in battle. A soldier doesn’t have to last forever in a fight, he just has to last longer than his opposition.

Fortification doesn’t require activation like most powers, it simply improves the Soldier’s health, recovery, and boosts defensive actions. Soldiers are always at peak fitness, having kept up the habit so long it no longer seems like a chore. Eating right, working out, and catching sleep where possible is as natural as showering and dressing are to others.

  1. Fitness: Fit and healthy, soldiers combine a strong constitution with combat stims that promote tissue regeneration and increase clotting when blood is exposed to air. The overall effect is to allow them to recover health in combat, even if they don’t have the regenerative metabolism of a Krogan or Vorcha. Regeneration stops restoring Health when the soldier is dropped by falling to 0 or lower. The Soldier’s regeneration is still active but can’t repair the damage, instead providing a +5 bonus to any roll to escape death from massive damage.
    • Soldiers regenerate 1 Health every round in combat if wounded.
  2. Defensive Posture: Soldiers can get the most out of their cover, staying well defended while still ducking out to fire. Cover now provides more of a bonus to the Soldier than it does to others.
    • Cover provides the Soldier with a +8 bonus to Defense.
    • Soldier Regeneration increases to 2 Health per round.
  3. Immunity: The soldier gets some resistance to common combat conditions, and is generally more healthy.
    • The soldier’s maximum health increases by 10.
    • The soldier becomes immune to the Dazed and Staggered conditions. Stuns and Knockdowns/Knockbacks can still affect him.
  4. Unstoppable: A soldier at this level can get up when reduced to 0 Health or less without using a stim or spending a point of Resolve. If he does choose to spend a point of Resolve to get back up, he immediately recovers 15 Health and his regeneration begins working again.
    • Soldier regeneration increases to 3 Health per round.


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