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Equpiment comes in many varieties. Most important to operatives are their guns and weapons, followed closely by their ship, their tech devices, and their medical gear. Of course, even commandos enjoy the finer things in life, and what they don’t want to use could be valuable as leverage on someone more decadent.

Equipment is on each of the pages with its price, an availability rating that indicates how likely that item is to be found in a particular place, and a law rating that gives the item’s status in Citadel Space. The ratings are discussed further below.

Price: Item price is the average price for the item. While it may fluxuate slightly from system to system and shop to shop, in general a character can simply purchase most items at the listed price without worrying about the galactic economy. If an item has an asterisk next to the price, it’s something that is normally only traded on the black market. In that case, the price is more like a suggestion, and may vary widely from place to place and situation to situation.

Availability: Rated from One to Five, this number represents how difficult the item is to get. It combines the item’s rarity, restrictions on production, and demand for the item to give a sense of how likely the item is to be found in a shop. The higher the number, the better connected the shop has to be to have that item. Items rated 1 are found in every rathole shop in the galaxy. Items rated 3 are more difficult to find, possibly only located in a specialty shop, or at a particularly well-connected merchant’s store. Items at 5 are very difficult to find, only the most wealthy and best connected merchants have them, though they may be easier to find near the area they are produced.

Law Rating: The legality of items is noted with the system below.
  • L: Legal, no restrictions in Citadel Space.
  • R: Restricted, some regulations on use or transport or sale of the item.
  • C: Contraband, item is not normally legal to sell or possess in Citadel space.
  • B: Banned, item is always illegal in citadel space and heavy penalties for sale and possession probably exist.


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