Character Creation

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The points-distribution side of character creation is fairly simple.

Step 1 – Attributes

The six attributes: Strength, Reflexes, Toughness, Intelligence, Charisma, and Willpower all begin at 5, well above the galactic average.

Players may distribute 15 points to increase these skills.
  • The first few increases to each attribute are assigned on a 1-1 basis.
  • For Example: It costs 1 point to increase Strength from 5 to 6.
Above 8 attributes become more expensive:
  • Increasing any attribute from 8 to 9 costs 2 points.
  • Increasing an attribute from 9 to 10 costs 3 additional points.
  • Attributes cannot go above 10 at this stage.

These attributes will also be able to increase during gameplay, both by leveling up, and by installing Cybernetics or getting other bonuses.

The Resolve attribute begins at 5 for all Spectre characters.

Step 2 – Skills

Players choose 1 skill from the General pool to begin at Expert.
  • Then 2 General skills that each begin at Practiced.
  • Then 1 additional General skill that begins at Novice.

Players also choose 1 skill from the Personal Pool that begins at Practiced.

Step 3 – Powers

Level 1 characters get 4 points to spend on Powers.
  • Each level of a power costs points equal to the power’s level.
  • So a level 1 power costs 1 point, a level 2 power costs 2 points, etc.

Step 4 – Racial Bonuses

Add attribute bonuses from the character’s race.

Add any bonus skills or skill ranks from the character’s race.

Add the racial power.
  • Racial power begins at Level 1. Points from step 3 can be saved to increase the racial power instead of a class power.

Step 5 – Secondary Attributes

Calculate Health:
  • Base Health is determined by class and Toughness.
  • Add any other bonuses to Health provided by Race, Powers, or gear.
Calculate Shields:
  • Base Shields for Commando armor are 30.
  • Add any shield bonus from the character’s class.
  • Add additional bonuses from Race, Powers, or gear if any.
Calculate Accuracy:
  • Base Accuracy applies to all gun attacks.
  • For each weapon carried, add the Specialization bonus, if any, to the base accuracy.
  • Add the attribute used to attack with that weapon to the current total. (Usually Reflexes)
  • Total is the amount added to 1d20 when rolling to attack with that weapon.
  • Record each weapon for easy reference during combat.
Calculate Accuracy (Melee):
  • Base Accuracy is reduced by 2 unless the character is Practiced at the Melee skill.
  • Add any specialization for Melee attacks to Accuracy.
  • Add the attribute used to attack. (Usually Strength)
  • Total is the amount added to d20 when striking in melee.
Calculate Defenses:
  • For Defense – Base Attribute is Toughness
    • Add Class bonuses and any additional bonuses from powers, race, or gear.
  • For Tech Defense – Base Attribute is Reflexes
    • Add Class bonuses and any additional bonuses from powers, race, or gear.
  • For Biotic Defense – Base Attribute is Intelligence
    • Add Class bonuses and any additional bonuses from powers, race, or gear.

Final Step – Equipment

Choose weapon loadout.
  • Characters may start with a free weapon that corresponds to each specialty they have.
  • Record Weapon Damages for quick reference.
    • Some weapon damages may be modified by powers.
  • Purchase Additional Mods and gear.
    • Starting Spectres get 10,000 credits to purchase gear.
  • In addition to free starting weapons, each Spectre gets:
    • A suit of armor appropriate to his class.
    • A military duffel with clothing, a datapad, appropriate IDs, and other personal items.
    • A standard Omni Tool.
    • 3 applications of Medi Gel.
    • Free passage on a ship to the first adventure.

Character Creation

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