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Special ammunitions require special care and maintenance of the operative’s weapon. Because of this, not all operatives bother with them, but for those who take the time to deal with the extra requirements, they make a wonderful addition to any arsenal. Soldiers focus on ammunition types that penetrate armor, and deal additional damage. Weapons exist to damage the enemy, so ammunition that improves that core purpose is valued by Soldiers. Unlike other specialized ammo powers, Ammunition Specialist focuses on giving the soldier additional options, while improving the use of ammo across the board.

Ammunition powers are special in that they need not be activated in combat unless the character is switching from one type of ammunition to another. If the character habitually uses Armor Piercing ammo, for instance, it is assumed that his weapons fire that unless he says otherwise before the combat or makes the switch during.

  1. AP Ammo: These high-density, jacketed rounds drill right through tough armor. AP rounds deal 5 additional points of damage to armored targets. Against un-armored synthetics, they deal their critical damage, or double damage on a critical attack roll.
    • All weapons firing special ammo get a +5 bonus to damage when a Resolve point is spent to improve the roll.
  2. Shredder Rounds: Shredder rounds are the bane of organic troops, especially poorly equipped ones. They’re ideal for taking out dangerous alien animals like Varren. When inflicting health damage on an un-armored organic, it inflicts its critical damage, or double damage on a critical attack roll.
    • All weapons firing special ammo increase their critical range by 1.
  3. Inferno Rounds: Hot, combusting rounds that burn hot enough to do terrible damage to metal and flesh alike. Inferno rounds penetrate armor and cause shock damage to organs and electronic systems. Inferno are especially good at damaging armor, dealing their critical damage to any armored target.
    • When a target takes Health damage from inferno rounds he’s Smoked.
    • All weapons firing special ammo get a +2 bonus to Accuracy.
  4. Explosive Rounds: High impact slugs that are designed to explode when they hit a target. Explosive rounds are hell on thermal clips, reducing the weapon’s capacity by 50%. However, they’re quite powerful, doubling the weapon’s base damage. Explosive rounds do no additional damage on a critical roll, nor can they be used in conjunction with any kind of ability that relies on autofire attacks or precision.
    They’re a crude tool, but one that turns a weapon into almost a heavy weapon without the Soldier having to do a lot of extra work. Explosive Rounds are usually slotted into a secondary weapon, to be pulled out when the soldier’s primary weapon’s clip is overheated.
    • All weapons firing special ammo increase their base damage by 5.

Ammunition Specialist

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