Adrenaline Rush

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Adrenaline Rush is not just a hormone surge. Everyone gets hopped up on adrenaline in combat. It’s an intensely focused state that a soldier learns to maintain that improves overall combat performance. It relies to some extent on adrenaline but it’s firmly grounded in training that teaches a soldier to take advantage of moments in combat to really excel. Because it requires so much focus, Adrenaline Rush can only be maintained for a few rounds before the soldier has to rest a little.

Adrenaline Rush lasts for 2 rounds per level of this power learned. It costs a point of Resolve to activate, but can be activated as a minor action. Because Adrenaline Rush is based heavily on training, stims can’t be used to replace the Resolve needed to activate this power. However, it’s also impossible to shut down this state without actually shutting down the Soldier entirely, biotic attacks and tranq darts have no effect on the use of this power.

  1. Adrenaline Rush: The soldier pushes himself to the limit, reacting faster, firing more accurately, getting more out of each shot. All combat attributes are improved to some extent. In addition, if the soldier is wounded, his regeneration kicks in a little more strongly, and he recovers 5 additional health.
    • Increased Defenses: Defense gets a +2 bonus, Tech Defense and Biotic Defense get a +1 bonus.
    • Base Accuracy gets a +2 bonus. All attacks deal 5 additional damage, except autofire attacks which deal 10 additional damage.
  2. Storm: While under the effects of Adrenaline Rush the Soldier gains an extra Minor action that can only be used for movement related tasks, moving 1 space or getting to his feet. This allows him to run faster, or to move and attack while still having time to perform some additional action.
    • Increased Defenses: The bonus to Defense improves to +3, while the bonus to Tech Defense and Biotic Defense improves to +2.
  3. Focus Fire: By focusing heavy fire on a single target, the soldier can really bring the pain. Focus Fire can only be used during Adrenaline Rush, and only when performing a Full Attack action with the weapon on Autofire mode. The target finds itself taking on a lot of damage, but Focus Fire uses double the normal amount of ammo for an autofire shot, a full 30 rounds.
    • The bonus to damage for Autofire attacks increases to +20. Adding together the bonuses for Full Attack, Adrenaline Rush, and Focus Fire, an Assault Rifle fires with a +5 bonus to attack, and does +23 damage for a total of 41 damage with a Revenant Assault Rifle.
  4. Fury: Focused and furious, the soldier can now keep up an unrelenting assault on the enemy while still keeping his tactical options open. The extra minor action he gains can be used for anything a minor action normally allows. Both minor actions can be combined to allow the soldier to reload a weapon and fire in the same round.
    • Once per activation of Adrenaline Rush, the soldier can spend both his minor actions to make a second attack in the same round. The Soldier cannot Full Attack twice.
    • Base Accuracy bonus increases by +3, All attacks deal 10 extra damage, Autofire attacks deal 15 extra damage. This improves the damage bonus of Focus Fire to a total of +28 after the bonus for the Full Attack.

Adrenaline Rush

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