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Willpower measures the character’s ability to stick to a task, maintain his ideals, and resist temptation. A high Willpower helps a character accomplish long term goals, and represents someone who doesn’t bend easily to the influence of others. Those with low Willpower are followers or drones, those who have a high Willpower may not attract followers but they don’t need to follow. Most biotic powers rely on the character’s sheer force of will. There’s a lot of technical education that makes a good biotic, but it boils down for the most part to being able to force and amplify power.

A list of sample Willpowers follows.

  1. Geth Mobile Platform
  2. Drug addict
  3. Club rat
  4. Average Citizen
  5. Dedicated Professional
  6. Average Priest
  7. Average Spectre
  8. Average Biotic
  9. Prophet
  10. Powerful Biotic


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