The Matriarch

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The Matriarch is a slim book that first appeared on Omega in both physical and electronic formats. The name, and content of the book are an obvious allusion to the Earth book, “The Prince” by Niccolò Machiavelli. As with the Earth book, The Matriarch covers a series of instructions on how to conduct oneself brutally as a politician. It also gives instructions for a way to de-stabilize the planet of Thessia, with the book’s stated intention of leaving the Asari people fractious and divided.
The book doesn’t claim an author, but from the style of writing, and metaphors used, it seems extremely likely that the writer was an Asari, and an older one at that. The author also demonstrates a great deal of familiarity with the Terminus Systems, Attican Traverse, and the Batarian Hegemony, making it likely that she had lived in that area for some time. Aria T’Lok has categorically denied producing the work, and is known to become quite irritated when pressed on the issue.
The first half of the book is dedicated to a political primer, explaining how a prospective leader might subjugate organizations of various sizes from the inside or outside, starting with examples of a small military force, and working up to entire (sparsely populated) planets.

The book assumes that the reader has some skill at leadership already, and access to military forces of some kind. It draws from Asari and Salarian texts on convoluted politics, as well as the Human book that it apes. However, it applies those insights to life in the Terminus, and goes on to make some further points about political dealings specific to the conditions within the Terminus and Traverse. For instance, there is an entire chapter devoted to maximizing advantage when dealing with various criminal organizations that have little to fear from any kind of law.

The second portion of the book is a series of short essays on how to infiltrate Asari space with military forces, and how best to combat Asari defensive positions. Those essays are followed by a detailed example of how to invade Thessia itself, with the assumption that those invaders will be coming from the Terminus. The book even details how to best loot Thessia and get off-planet before Citadel forces can bring reprisal.

Finally, the book ends with a speculative essay on the effects of such an invasion, how it would supposedly splinter the Asari as the Turians did before they unified into the current Hierarchy. There are additional instructions to the supposed invaders for making sure this happens, involving the killing of several key Matriarchs and disruption of certain ancient communities on Thessia. The author assures the reader that with the Asari scattered and divided, there will be no significant reprisal from the Council, and Citadel space as a whole will be drastically weakened.

Naturally, the book is extremely controversial, both over it’s accuracy and content. The Matriarch was banned on several Asari colonies as soon as it became known to them. It is slowly becoming popular reading among mercenaries and Batarian warlords, though so far no one seems likely to try to follow the book to its ultimate conclusion.

The Matriarch

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