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Strength measures physical power and athletic ability. It’s the attribute used when fighting hand to hand, rather than with a gun. It also governs the ability to lift and carry loads, such as valuable tech, or a downed comrade.

People with low Strength scores are probably sedentary, belong to a physically weak race, or both. Those with high strength scores are athletic, and those at the top of the scale are probably athletic and also belong to a physically powerful race.

The list below gives an idea of the relative strength of common characters in the Mass Effect universe.

  1. Hanar (Out of Water)
  2. Volus
  3. Average Salarian
  4. Average Quarian
  5. Average Drell, Human, Asari
  6. Athletic Asari or Human
  7. Average Vorcha
  8. Human Marine
  9. Average Krogan
  10. Krogan Battlemaster


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