Squad Research

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Squad items benefit the entire fighting force, from the Spectres to the members of the fire team. Once the upgrade is researched, items will quickly be fabricated and installed to get everyone’s gear up to speed.

Squad Research Status

Ability: Current Tier: Artifact: Time Required: Junk Cost:
Dark Shield 0 Shield Generator 1 Month 1
Medical Nanobots 0 Medi Amp 2 Months 2
? 0 Not Found Unknown Unknown
? 0 Not Found Unknown Unknown
? 0 Not Found Unknown Unknown

Dark Shield

Based somehow on singularity-like dark energy, this isn’t a complete replacement for a soldier’s shields. While Kathryn and Fenner have high hopes that it can eventually be tuned to not only meet but surpass the level of protected provided by current shields, at the moment it represents less overall protection. The main benefit of this shield-mode is that it blocks energy and plasma attacks fully, not allowing any damage past the shields until they’re down.

Switching from regular shields to dark shields requires a Standard Action, so it’s best done before combat, if it’s known that energy weapons will be used. The power runs off the same system for both shields, and uses the same emitter, so values for the dark shield are based off the character’s normal shield total. Agents who specialize in shields, like Infiltrators, will have a more powerful dark shield.

  1. Emergency Dark Shield: Not very useful in regular combat yet, this level of the Dark Shield still shines as an emergency mode when faced with powerful energy weapons. All energy weapon attacks are borne entirely by the shield, until the protection collapses. As soon as the lab gets access to another Field Artifact, Fenner and Kathryn hope to reduce or eliminate the shield’s drawbacks, perhaps even add some additional bonuses.
    • Drawback: The dark shield is at 50% of the normal shield strength (round down).
    • Drawback: When the shields regenerate they regen by 25% of the shield’s adjusted maximum, not 50% as normal.
  2. Standard Dark Shield: This ability is not a reality yet, merely a goal for the research team. Unfortunately, they do not understand the dark shielding technology well enough yet to research this.
    • Drawbacks reduced?
  3. Dark Barrier: This advance is far beyond current understanding.
    • Drawbacks reduced / eliminated?
    • Bonus?
  4. Supreme Dark Shield: This advance is far beyond current understanding
    • Drawbacks Eliminated?
    • Bonus?
    • Bonus?

Medical Nanobots

While it’s not certain yet what Medi-amp is intended to do, researching this upgrade will separate its regenerative powers and enhancement powers from whatever other agenda the nanobots have. Once that’s done the bots can be used to greatly boost the squad’s ability to shrug off damage. Full regeneration isn’t possible, but in general each squad member will be able to take a lot more punishment.

This technology upgrade is a passive one. If researched it provides it’s benefits constantly, without need for activation.

  1. Lobotomized Nanos: Erring on the side of caution, the team installs the nanos at reduced efficiency to make certain that they can’t have any bad effect. There are no drawbacks to having these nanos, but Fenner and Kathryn feel that with more understanding of the technology, the nanos could provide a lot more without any danger.
    • Health of all Squad Members increases by 10.
    • Squad members make Death Checks at +3 in addition to any other bonuses.
  2. Limited Nano Generation: This ability is not a reality yet, merely a goal for the research team. At this time they do not feel comfortable enough to allow the nanobots to replace themselves.
    • Health bonus increase?
  3. Nano Colony: This advance is far beyond current understanding.
    • Health bonus increase?
  4. Nano Integration: This advance is far beyond current understanding
    • Health Bonus Increase?
    • Bonus?

Squad Research

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