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Resolve is a resource, like Health and Shields, but instead of being reactive to what enemies do, it’s actively used by the player. Resolve is something that sets Spectres and other truly exceptional people above the rest in a way that cannot be denied. Resolve is akin to Willpower, but not based on it numerically. It’s also not an attribute that the average person possesses.

Resolve is the ability to reach deep inside oneself and do something exceptional when the circumstances demand it. Regular people might be able to do this once a year, or a decade, but Spectres can do it every day, multiple times a day if need be. Resolve points return after victories, with rest, and when the character discovers a source of strong motivation.

It’s very easy to spend more points than a character can get back in a single day, so Resolve points should be spent carefully, even as valuable as they are. Some of the stronger abilities within the class powers require the expenditure of Resolve points, and cannot be activated if the character is out.

Using Resolve

Other than power activation, there are a few things that everyone with the Resolve stat can use their points for.

  • Heroic Effort - Spending a resolve point gives a huge +5 boost to any roll.
  • Ignore Pain - Even with health gone, a Resolve point can get the character back up and into the action again. This is dangerous though, as the character still isn’t healed and could die if he takes too much more damage!
  • Battle Rage - For the extreme cost of 3 Resolve points, a character can take two actions back-to-back in a single combat round.
  • Resist Control - Characters who posses Resolve are very difficult to control either directly or through manipulation. A Resolve point can be spent to combat the effects of any kind of mind control or extreme persuasion. Enemies of the Citadel long ago gave up trying to torture information out of captured Spectres.

Regaining Resolve

Resolve is regained through a variety of methods.

  • Victory! - Winning a fight restores a character’s spirits. Once per day, winning a non-trivial battle restores a point of Resolve.
    • 1 Resolve / Day
  • Daily - Every day, a Spectre’s resolve is renewed. A Spectre gets 2 points of Resolve every day under normal circumstances. Being deprived of food, or sleep, or otherwise discomforted reduces that to 1 point per day. Spectres can’t regain daily resolve at all if they are barely surviving, all their Resolve goes to keeping them alive.
    • 1-2 Resolve / Day
  • Resting - Taking a day off to rest helps restore one for trials ahead. A day spent doing nothing but recreation and rest restores 3 Resolve in addition to the Daily amount.
    • 3 Resolve / Day
  • Meditation - Meditating, visualizing, and otherwise focusing on one’s goals can help. One point of Resolve can be gained per Meditation session. It’s rare for a Spectre to find time to meditate more than once a day.
    • 1 / Day
  • Events - Surprising events can jolt someone out of a rut and get them motivated. Finding out that enemies are on the move, that a friend has been kidnapped, or some atrocity has been committed can restore Resolve at the GM’s discretion.
    • Variable


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