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Reflexes measure the speed of a characters reactions, the steadiness of his hand, and his ability to recover. They’re the attribute called upon when firing a gun, piloting a ship through obstacles, and any other task that’s delicate, especially if it’s time sensitive.

Low reflex characters may be unobservant or just a bit slow witted. High reflex characters are the highly observant, ‘twitchy’ types.

The list below rates common Reflex levels for Mass Effect people.

  1. Elcor
  2. Volus
  3. Hanar (Out of water)
  4. Krogan
  5. Human, Quarian, Turian
  6. Asari
  7. Drell
  8. Senile Salarian
  9. Average Salarian
  10. Caffinated Salarian


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