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Nomadic and technically inclined, Quarians know how to get the most out of their machines. They can restore tech to working order that everyone else thought destroyed, and repurpose tech for tasks far outside it’s original design. While their poor immune system and dependence on suits is sometimes a liability, it also makes them a careful people who look before they leap. Quarian operatives lead the way in technical endeavors, and know how to get through any blockade or other barrier to travel.

In the Abyss, Quarians are seen as valuable tech experts. Despite the rough legal climate of the sector, it’s well known that the Flotilla keeps tabs on where their youth vanish. While enslaving a Quarian is an easy way to get an expert, it means that area won’t see any Quarians for a long time, if ever. Thus, Quarians are generally not attacked as much as one would expect, despite the fact that they have little or no backup when traveling. It’s considered wise to just employ a Quarian, enjoy their expertise, and let them move on. Because so much of the tech in the Abyss is scavanged or old, Quarians techs are a great boon to any mercenary company or government.

Socially, Quarians find themselves in the odd position of being the ‘professor type’. It’s common for natives to ask Quarians questions, and they don’t always confine themselves to technical matters. This custom is supported in part by the Quarians, who see the questions as a harmless way to build good-will in a dangerous sector.

Racial Traits

  • Statistic Bonuses: +1 Intelligence +1 Willpower
  • Skill Bonuses:
    • Purchase a new Tech-Oriented skill from another Class at Practiced
    • Increase one Class or General Tech Oriented skill by one level.
  • Misc Bonuses:
    • Salvage - It ain’t broke until the Quarian says it is. Quarians get a +5 bonus on all skill tasks to repair equipment. They can even attempt to repair ‘destroyed’ items one time, as long as the item wasn’t vaporized, but in that case they don’t get their bonus. Quarians require less spare parts when repairing equipment.
      • Quarians may attempt a special Skill task with any of their tech-oriented skills when investigating a junked machine or pile of parts. If the Quarian succeeds, he finds something of value in the junk related to the skill used.
    • Nomad - Quarians get a +3 roll to any skill task related to bypassing a blockade, customs agent, or other procedural block to travel. With a Quarian on hand to tune the engine, and provide input on navigation, a ship will use 10% less fuel while traveling.

Racial Power

Never far from their tech devices, Quarians always have a variety of scavenged items that make their lives easier or safer.


  1. Custom Omni Tool:
    • A Quarian’s Omni Tool is like a second arm. It provides the Quarian with an additional +1 to all tech related skill tasks, and can store twice as many custom programs and data as a regular tool of the same type.
  2. Shield Boost:
    • Once per scene, a Quarian can activate a device that restores or strengthens shields. The device improves the current shield rating by the Quarian’s Intelligence +10, even if that takes the shield over the maximum rating. If the shields are down, the bonus is only Intelligence +5, but the shields come back up immediately. Once the scene is over, any boost past the shield maximum is lost.
  3. Epiphany:
    • Once per scene, a Quarian can spend a point of Resolve to automatically succeed on a Tech-related skill task. This does not apply to attacks or other combat rolls, but can be used in-combat on one’s ship, to repair combat equipment, or on the facility where the combat is taking place.
  4. Drone Assistant:
    • Powered by a VI and hovering on repulsors, this handy assistant helps a Quarian with everything from combat to repairs to suit cleaning. It comes equipped with the equivilant of a Light Pistol, 10 points of health, 20 points of shields, a standard com unit, and one additional subsystem from the list below.
      • Tech Grenade: A cryo, inferno, or overload grenade. Smaller than regular grenades, they can affect only one target and have half the payload of a regular grenade.
      • Custom Device: A shield booster, a com jammer, or a cloaking unit for the drone.


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