Melee and Misc

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This page is a repository for combat rules that don’t fit elsewhere.

Melee Fighting

Melee Damage: Melee attacks typically inflict the attacker’s Str score in damage, unless augmented in some way. There are a few things that often give a bonus to Melee attack damage.
  • Special Training: Learning where and how to strike can improve a character’s ability to hit hard.
  • Biotics: Biotic characters can learn to give their strikes a little bit more oomph with a quick biotic field.
  • Weapon: Having something to hit the enemy with other than your bare hands is usually a good thing. The most common Melee weapon is just the butt of the attacker’s rifle. Occasionaly, some people will acquire a dedicated melee weapon, but that’s rare in modern fighting.
    • Hitting with the butt of a rifle or other gun gives the attack +1 damage.
    • Hitting with a knife or other small melee weapon deals +2 damage. Using a sword or large melee weapon grants a +3.

Melee and Misc

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