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The ship’s researchers, mainly Kathryn and Fenner, have had enough time with the alien tech that some real breakthroughs are beginning to emerge. While there won’t be enough time in either person’s lifetime to fully explore all the advanced technology that the Gol and Quondam possess, there are still great benefits. The recovered artifacts can now be used to research practical field applications for the Spectres and Squad, as well as refitting the Revenant to better endure combat with powerful craft.

Research System

Research of this type requires time, and access to alien technology. Money isn’t much of a concern. The lab is already top notch, and nobody wants to bring in extra eyes on these projects. Not much can be done about the time requirement, but since alien artifacts seem to be plentiful, either on ancient worlds or from the aliens themselves, research should be able to proceed.

Key Artifacts: Each new ability or ship mod gained from research requires a specific alien artifact to provide a basis for the technology upgrade. The Dark Shield generator that was found in Severstal’s lab is very interesting, but it’s not going to lead to weapons technology. Key artifacts like these unlock new technologies altogether. Key artifacts are partially dismantled in the course or research but generally left in a mostly-working condition so that the researchers can refer to them while upgrading the tech.

Field Artifacts: These artifacts provide more than just specific knowledge. They advance the overall understanding of alien technology. As such, they are very valuable and must be kept intact so that they can continue to be studied. There are centuries worth of research in these artifacts. Field Artifacts unlock further tiers of abilities and upgrades. As the group’s understanding of the alien technology becomes greater and greater, the upgrades also become better as their applications can be refined and boosted.

Junk Artifacts: Useless at first glance, these artifacts provide a valuable resource despite being beyond repair. They can be taken apart to whatever degree the researchers require in order to further understand how the alien technology is put together. Experiments can be run on them without worrying about destroying a valuable item, cutting the research time for an upgrade down greatly. Some upgrades may take prohibitively long to research without being able to use up some junk artifacts.

Research and Artifact Status

  • Current Research Tier: 1
  • Junk Artifact Stores: 5
Research Tier: Artifact: Time Required: Junk Cost:
1 Communications Spike Done NA
2 ? Unknown Unknown
3 ? Unknown Unknown
4 ? Unknown Unknown


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