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Perhaps no race in the galaxy is more notorious than the Krogan. Feared warriors, saviors, villains, and victims, the Krogan get everything said about them and more. Most notable is the race’s sheer survivability. Between natural armor, redundant organs, and natural regeneration, the Krogan are extremely difficult to kill. That, combined with their Blood Rage, has put them firmly in the ‘brute’ category as far as most of the galaxy is concerned.

In the Nemean Abyss, the Krogan retain their status as feared and brutal predators, pirates, and mercenaries. However, that status comes without the baggage of their history with the Council, as most Abyss residents are ignorant of those events. Some Krogan find this off-putting, as no one seems to understand the importance of their problems with the Genophage. Many Krogan instead find it liberating, freed of stereotype and history, respected for their prowess alone, they are free to do as they like.

Krogan make their own way in the Abyss, even more-so than they do in Citadel Space or the Terminus. Some set themselves up as typical warlords, mercenaries, and pirates. Others move into more legitimate endeavors, able to trade, or mine, or move goods in places that less mighty races would not dare. Still others explore deep into the uncharted space, seeking things in the most dangerous places, even the dreaded Lost sector.

Racial Traits

  • Statistic Bonuses: +1 Strength, +1 Toughness
  • Skill Bonuses:
    • Gain the Endurance Skill at Practiced.
    • Gain two General skills at Novice.
  • Misc Bonuses:
    • Brute - Krogan are deadly in hand-to-hand combat. All Krogan gain a +2 accuracy specialization for hand to hand strikes. Their barehanded melee attacks gain +2 to base damage.
    • Wide Vision- Krogan are very difficult to surprise. The GM makes a secret roll to see if a Krogan notices danger even if the character does not have the Perception skill. If he does have that skill, it gains a +5 bonus for the purposes of detecting danger only. This is not a mystical danger-sense power. Only visible, audible, or smellable threats can be sensed.
    • Bad Reputation - In Citadel Space, Krogan take a penalty to any non-intimidation social roll with any alien.
    • Krogan Charge - A Krogan one space away from an enemy can opt to make a Krogan Charge. This is a Full Round action. The Krogan closes with his foe and the player rolls a Melee attack. If the attack is successful, it inflicts critical damage automatically (double damage on a natural crit) and inflicts Knockdown.
      • Even if the attack misses, as long as the Krogan didn’t critically fail the enemy is Staggered.
    • Blood Rage - When a Krogan is sufficiently provoked, he may enter a Blood Rage. Sufficient Provocation is a subjective matter, up to the Player and the GM. Some Krogan are so on-edge that soggy cereal can provoke them. Some blow up at being humiliated, or sufficiently harmed. The player can declare that his character is going into a rage if he feels the provocation is sufficient, though there should be some buildup, a Krogan usually shows signs of irritation and anger before full-on raging. If the GM feels that the character should be enraged, he may call for a Willpower roll, difficulty based on how bad the provocation does.
      • Blood Rage makes a Krogan far less rational. They have some control in battle but will seek out the source of their rage and try to reduce it to some sort of smear. While they might not attack comrades seriously, they will probably be quite rough with anyone who tries to pull them away from their target.
      • Blood Rage makes a Krogan a bit more basic and primal in combat. He gains a +5 to all melee damage but -5 to all accuracy rolls.

Racial Power

The thing to remember about the Krogan is that they Do. Not. Die. The other thing to remember about them is that they are large, and easy to hit. It’s just that the hits don’t matter as much.

Krogan Vitality

  1. Krogan Pup:
    • Krogan gain a variety of bonuses for their sheer impressive physiques, but they have their Blood Rage as a fairly serious drawback.
    • Regeneration: Even pup Krogan regenerate 1 hp / round.
    • Armor: Though his scales might be soft compared to an ancient Krogan, the Pup gets +5 armor.
    • Large Size: Krogan Pups take -7 to Defense.
  2. Adult Krogan:
    • Regeneration: 2 health / round.
    • Armor: +10
    • Large Size: Krogan Adults take -6 to Defense.
  3. Krogan Warrior:
    • Regeneration: 3 health / round
    • Armor: +15
    • Large Size: Krogan Warriors take -5 to Defense
  4. Krogan Battlemaster:
    • Regeneration: 5 health / round
    • Armor: +20
    • Krogan Battlemasters take -4 to Defense.


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