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Active Missions

[COUNCIL DIRECTIVE] – Track the Alien Ship (750xp)

The council has ordered the Spectre team to track the unknown ship and determine if it is a threat to council space. As per usual Spectre tasks, if the ship is deemed to be a threat any and all actions in support of ending that threat are authorized.
  • Find a way to Track the Ship. (250xp)
    • Use the radiation signature that the Salarian Councilor provided via the Vailwer tracking systems.
    • Track the ship to it’s new location in the Litania system and observe its behavior for any threat to Council interests.
  • Investigate Sirta Foundation. (500xp)

[ABYSS] – Alien Invaders (1,000xp)

The team has been beset on multiple occasions by aliens with advanced technology that no one seems to know anything about. There are rumors and legends in the Abyss about the Quondam, but no one seems to know anything at all about the Gol. There’s nary a military textbook out there that doesn’t command it’s reader to know his enemy. Time to find out what these aliens are, and what they want.
  • Find out more about the Quondam aliens. (500xp)
    • Investigate their organic technology.
    • Find out why they’re interfering in current events.
  • Find out more about the Gol aliens. (500xp)
    • Develop a defense against their plasma weapons.
    • Discover what allegiances the Gol have.
    • Discover where the Gol come from.

Completed Missions

[SPECTER OFFICE] – Spectral Impostor (200xp)

The orders that sent the Specter Squad to the Abyss were falsified. Someone managed to get Nihlus’s old codes, and use them to send the message. A Turian has also apparently been masquerading as Nihlus. The impostor should be found, interrogated, and dealt with.
  • Find out where ‘Nihlus’ went after he left Port Marsh
  • Track the impostor on Illium or Maya.
  • Report Nihlus’s activities to the Council or Spectre Office.

[SPECTRE OFFICE] – Investigate Unknown Technology (1250xp)

Each of the 4 Specter Squad members received a message independently from the SPECTER office directing them to the Opheltes planet in the Elissos System. The squad is to investigate some potentially Prothean technology and deliver it to the council if it’s genuine.
  • Identify the origin of the anomalous technology and any potential value. (1000xp)
  • Recover the technology and bring it to the Citadel if Prothean or sufficiently advanced.
    • Could not recover more than 1 drone due to nature of tech. (50xp)
  • Suppress information about the find, either by witness elimination or creation of a cover story. (200xp) FAILED

[Dossier] – The Warlord (250xp)

Having a team member who can lead a secondary squad might be a good idea. Naia knows a Vailwer warlord who has a good record for being able to lead teams through tough situations.
  • Recruit Omosh Kedd on Doria in the Sikyon System.

[Illium] – Investigate Sirta Foundation (500xp)

Sirta’s new drug, Medi-Amp, seems to have some sinister connection to the Reapers. What is the company up to?
  • Infiltrate Office. (200xp)
    • Discovered that ‘Nihlus’ has direct involvement in Sirta shipments.
    • Shipments last port of call before Illium is the planet Mayah in the Barka system.
    • Medi-Amp is being distributed to transportation hubs.
  • Investigate Factory. (300xp)
    • Obtained a chemical sample.
    • Saw security logs relating to Nihlus’s activities.
    • Obtained Nav Maps of a shipping route into the dangerous “Lost” cluster.

[Opheltes] – Get the Revenant Working again (500xp)

The Revenant will be an ideal ship for a squad of Specters, but it’s critically low on eezo. Find a source of eezo to get the ship up to full strength.
  • Look into eezo sources on Port Marsh.
    • Buy some eezo from the Creel. (200xp)
    • Get rid of the Mercenaries at the Creel eezo mine. (300xp)


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