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Intelligence is more than just ‘smarts’. It certainly measures how well a character can understand advanced concepts, but it also takes into account memory, imagination, and shares some of the responsibility for thinking speed with reflexes. Education is factored in as well, under-educated characters simply can’t use their native Intelligence as well, thus lowering the overall score.

Low intelligence characters may be limited by race, like most Vorcha, or simply slow. High Intelligence characters probably belong to an advanced race like the Salarians, and spent time developing their smarts into a real asset.

Below, a list gives an idea of sample Intelligence scores.

  1. Batarian who fell for a Vorcha Pyramid Scheme
  2. Uneducated barbarian or slum dweller
  3. Vorcha Philosopher
  4. Krogan Thug
  5. Human, Turian, Asari
  6. Average Quarian
  7. Average Salarian
  8. 15 Geth
  9. Average AI
  10. Prothean Toddler


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