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Adaptable and ambitious, humans have secured a place in the Galaxy faster than anyone could have anticipated. This hasn’t helped their public image, other races would characterize them as greedy and ruthless. On the other hand, that does grant them a certain amount of respect. Humans are one of the races most open to new ideas and change, allowing them to move into new territories, new markets, and new opportunities faster and better than most. As a consequence, they are everywhere, more widely known across the galaxy than even the Asari.

In the Nemean Abyss, humans are seen as outsiders, as are all Citadel races. However, they are the outsiders that belong the most. Humans adapt easily to the rough and tumble lifestyle of the Abyss, fitting themselves into alien organizations, or building groups that accept aliens. Of all the Citadel races, humans are the most accepted. Accepted by everyone but the Batarians, of course. Relations between Humans and Batarians remain bitter and violent. This has actually garnered humans a few allies, however, as the races native to the Abyss are sick of the predatory treatment they’ve received at Batarian hands, and there aren’t enough humans to be oppressing them yet. Humans are seen as a good ally whenever Batarians are a problem.

Overall, humans have really made their way in the Abyss, at least those humans who have resources, motivation, and skill. There’s plenty of evidence of humans who didn’t make it in any slum in the Abyss.

Racial Traits

  • Statistic Bonuses: +1 Resolve
  • Skill Bonuses:
    • Purchase a new General skill at Practiced
    • Increase one Class skill from Practiced to Expert
  • Misc Bonuses:
    • Adaptation - Humans can fit in just about anywhere. They don’t suffer a penalty to social tasks when meeting a new race or trying to deal with a new organization. They can make a social roll to figure out the basics of how an organization, government, or social setting works and who’s important if they have some time to watch the goings on.
      • If the character is an Infiltrator, he may use Observation to figure out new settings with a +3 bonus to the roll.
      • Humans take full social penalties whenever they are interacting with Batarians.
    • Relentless - Once per day, a human can re-roll a failed skill task or combat test. The second die result stands.

Racial Power

Humans excel at adapting and moving on, not letting anything hold them back. For Spectres, this means that the individual is so determined and capable that he can simply choose not to fail.


  1. Extreme Effort:
    • When spending a point of Resolve to improve chances of success, humans gain a +8 to the roll instead of +5.
  2. Even Odds:
    • Once per scene, a human can completely ignore any negative modifiers on a skill task or combat roll, regardless of their source. This doesn’t negate enemy bonuses like cover or armor, but it negates all penalties arising from poor visibility, suppressing fire, wounds, poor equipment, etc.
  3. Just a Scratch:
    • Once per scene, a human can spend a point of Resolve to completely ignore the Health damage from a single attack. If that attack blew through the character’s shields, the shields are still down.
  4. No Failure:
    • After a human has already used his Relentless ability for the day, he may spend a point of Resolve to re-roll another roll. When using No Failure, the player may choose either the first or the second roll, whichever they prefer, and the skill task or combat test need not have been failed for the character to get a second chance.


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