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The Farwalkers are a Vailwer organization that seek to stabilize the Abyss and surrounding systems by removing the worst criminals from society. Said criminals can be either killed or captured and turned over to Vailwer authorities, depending on how the capture goes, and the personal preferences of the Farwalker doing the capturing.
They also provide a sort of “rescue of last resort” service where they will save almost anyone from a situation, no matter how bad, almost regardless of who that person is, and thereafter the person owes the Farwalkers a debt in proportion to how dangerous and difficult the rescue was to perform.

The Farwalker Logo, meant to evoke an image of FTL flight.

In general the organization is careful to not use that debt to cause harm to anyone they save, rather the idea is that the sapient who’s been so-saved must then use whatever his or her natural talents are in service to the Farwalkers when it’s needed. Otherwise the person may go about their normal life.

The Farwalkers are funded by the Vailwer government, but as that government is currently engaged in a cold war with the much-larger Batarian Hegemony, they cannot spare the money to give the Farwalkers full military support. Rather, bounties are paid on criminals in relation to how reprehensible the crimes committed are, and also how dangerous the criminal is to take down.


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