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Defense is the attribute that attackers will have to beat when attempting to hit a character. A tie between the attacker’s roll and the defense is considered a miss. It is a constructed attribute, based on the character’s class, level, attributes, and sometimes skills and special abilities.

Defense is split into three attributes, Defense, Tech Defense, and Biotic Defense. Regular attacks such as guns, melee strikes, and the like go against Defense, the most common type to come into play. Direct tech attacks like Tech Grenades, Overload Shocks, and Hacking attempts go against the character or creature’s Tech Defense. Biotic attacks often breeze right past defenses prepared for bullets, so they attack the character’s Biotic Defense.

Defenses are calculated with the following forumulas. When halving an attribute, always round down.

  • Defense:
    • Class Bonus + Toughness
  • Tech Defense:
    • Class Bonus + Reflexes
  • Biotic Defense:
    • Class Bonus + Strength

It may seem odd that Biotic defenses are based on Strength, but it also represents athletic ability. While one cannot dodge a bullet, only endure it, it’s sometimes possible to get out of the way of a mass effect field. Large, powerful characters are also more difficult to toss around.


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