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Character classes define the kind of training a character has worked toward, but not who they are. People no more say ‘I’m an Adept’ when asked who they are than they would say ‘I’m a Banker’ to the same question. Nor is every member of a class a carbon copy of the others. A class forms a base that gives the character direction and a specialty, but each person and each race approaches that training in a different way.

A character’s class defines the sort of gear he’s trained with, and the skills he picks up. This doesn’t mean that there’s no way to learn a trick or two outside that framework, or that the character can’t physically wear different armor. But he will be most comfortable with the gear and skills he’s spent a long time with.

Each class gets a very brief description on this page. Full descriptions of the classes are through the links to their own pages.

  • Adept - A focused Biotic who’s range of powers compliments any situation.
  • Engineer - Armed with drones, and tech mines, they’re invaluable support operatives.
  • Infiltrator - Cool, quiet, and able to destroy even tough opponents from ambush.
  • Sentinel - A fortress of an operative who combines armor and biotics to survive anything.
  • Soldier - Masters of every weapon, they’re tough, tactically minded operatives.
  • Vanguard - Specializing in close-range weapons and attack biotics.


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