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Charisma is force of personality, talent for leadership, and social ability. Most social skill tasks will call for a Charisma roll. Some biotics, especially those that affect the neural systems of others, rely on sheer force of personalty rather than Willpower. High Charisma doesn’t always make one liked, a vicious person with a high Charisma may receive as much fear as the pop idol does love. Regardless, lower charisma people are drawn to natural leaders, either to bask in the light of a benevolent leader, or to shelter in the darkness of a tyrant.

Some sample Charisma scores follow.

  1. Average Vorcha
  2. Slave, Cultist
  3. Average Thug
  4. Average Citizen
  5. Small time Merchant
  6. Local Leader
  7. Merc Leader
  8. Sector Politician
  9. Galactic Hero
  10. Citadel Council Member


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