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Charge combines the Vanguard’s biotic powers and natural athletic ability into a devastating attack that not only strikes the enemy but propels the Vanguard across the battlefield so he can get in to close combat with the opposing force. This power often comes as a complete surprise to enemies who expect biotics to be second-line fighters, which only makes it more effective.

Like most Biotic powers, Charge is draining to use. Using it more than twice in a single combat requires the Vanguard to spend a point of Resolve. Because it delivers its damage via a powerful melee attack, Charge damages enemy shields normally.

  1. Charge: The Biotic rapidly covers up to 3 spaces, tumbling over and around any obstructions other than an actual solid wall. If there’s a space the vanguard’s body can fit through, he goes through. Charge can be used to just cross some distance, in which case no roll is required. However, it’s even more useful when it’s used to deliver some punishment to an enemy on the other end.
    • When attacking a foe, the vanguard rolls Strength + Charge, and also adds any Accuracy bonus he may have for specializing in a melee attack. If the roll beats the target’s Biotic Defense, the melee attack hits, and does its normal damage.
    • Charge adds +20 damage to the melee attack, before any crit multiplier is added. It also inflicts Knockdown.
    • Using Charge boosts the characters shields, adding 10 to the current rating, even if the shields are gone.
  2. Power Synergy: An advanced user of the Charge power can make it interact positively with a biotic field that’s already on his target. When hitting a target already affected by a biotic power, Charge may either end up doing extra damage, or knock the enemy about, depending on what kind of power is affecting the target.
    • When hitting a target under the effects of Suspension, Charge violently hurls the target, inflicting Knockback equal to the Vanguard’s maximum Charge distance.
    • When hitting a target affected by a damaging biotic power like Warp, Charge inflicts Critical Hit damage, or double damage on a natural crit.
    • Charge distance increases to 4 spaces.
  3. Charge Rush: A well trained vanguard can ride the rush from charging into a furious storm of attacks. It takes a significant effort, but the Vanguard can choose to attack twice in a single round, one attack the devastating Charge, the other a more conventional attack.
    • The Vanguard can spend Resolve to make a Melee or Weapon attack with his Minor action in the same round that he Charged.
    • Charge damage bonus increases to +30, can now charge 5 spaces.
  4. Charge Nova: Though he can now charge across the entire battlefield, if a vanguard doesn’t need to charge that far he can turn some of that extra energy into a weapon. On any charge that is only 3 spaces or less, the Vanguard can create a shockwave around him when he hits with a Charge.
    • All targets in Short Range of a Charge Nova’s target take 20 damage and suffer Knockdown if they are unshielded.
    • Charge damage bonus increases to +40, can now charge 6 spaces.


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