Biotic Abilities

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  • Barrier: The biotic answer to technological kinetic barriers.
  • Dominate: The power to confuse and control organic foes.
  • Lift: A large-scale biotic field that can suspend many enemies in the air at once.
  • Neural Shock: A brutal shock to the mind that stuns organic enemies.
  • Pull: A power that picks up an enemy and brings him in close for the kill.
  • Reave: A biotic field that tears apart barriers, armor, and enemy health.
  • Shockwave: A series of explosions that tear up an area in front of the biotic.
  • Slam: Picks them up, knocks them down.
  • Stasis: Freezes an enemy in a field that takes them out of combat but also protects them from harm.
  • Whirlwind: A cyclone of force that picks up enemies and lashes them with debris.


One of the few defensively oriented biotic powers, Barrier is the biotic answer to shields. While it’s true that putting up a barrier is far more effort-intensive than using shields, the benefits are substantial. Not only does the biotic not have to rely on a mechanical device for protection, but many countermeasures to regular shields are ineffective against Barrier.

Barrier works a little differently than most biotic powers. Bringing a Barrier up can be done once per combat without spending Resolve, but even if the character is willing to spend the Resolve, a Barrier can’t just be refreshed all the time on the fly. Once the barrier is up, it provides a certain amount of protection that is worn away like a shield. Once the Barrier goes down, the Biotic must wait at least one full round before he can attempt to bring it back up.

Using Barrier doesn’t prevent the use of Biotic powers on the following turn, nor does using a biotic power on the previous turn block use of Barrier. The exception to this rule are the ‘especially taxing’ powers such as Singularity and Tremor. If not destroyed by damage, a Barrier will last for the entire Combat, or if activated out of combat, it will last for ten minutes per point of the Biotic’s Willpower.

  1. Barrier: A powerful mass-effect field surrounds the biotic, protecting against attacks much as a shield does. When activated, it provides 20 points of protection.
    • The activation roll for Barrier is Willpower + Barrier. The outcome of the roll is directly added to the Barrier’s rating.
  2. Power Protection: Rather than synergizing with other biotics, a Barrier can be tuned to provide an additional buffer against biotic effects. It’s already difficult to use Biotics against a protected target, but a specially tuned Barrier can add +10 to the user’s Biotic Defense while it’s up, at the cost of sacrificing the extra protection from the roll.
    • The Barrier now provides 30 points of protection when first activated.
  3. Power Enhancement: A barrier can be used to boost the biotic’s powers while it’s up, by accelerating outgoing biotic fields. This has the drawback of leaving the user more vulnerable to incoming biotic fields.
    • All powers gain a +5 bonus to the roll when activated. However, the user takes hits from incoming biotic powers as if he were unshielded.
    • Barrier now generates 40 points of protection when first activated.
  4. Supreme Barrier: Sometimes you need really intense protection for a short period of time. Supreme Barrier lasts a maximum of 5 rounds, but is much stronger than a regular barrier. The bonus from the roll is multiplied by 5.
    • Regular Barriers generate 50 points of protection on activation.


This is one of the stranger biotic powers, normally only possessed by Asari as it requires not only the biotic talent to affect a subject’s neural system, but also the ability to understand the thoughts of another person. Theoretically a non-Asari could learn this power, but it qould require some training with some kind of mind to mind interface, be that Asari melding or some kind of computer link.

This power is in some ways a variation on the Neural Shock power, in that it takes advantage of the way a biotic generates energy to connect to the nervous system of the target. However, instead of just overloading the target and causing harm and a stun effect, Dominate is much more subtle. It leaves the victim with all the normal feelings of aggression and fear that they normally experience in combat, but twists them so that those feelings are directed toward their comrades instead. The target doesn’t believe he’s really switching sides, it’s more of a change in perception.

The mind is resilient, and most sentients will realize fairly quickly that something is wrong. Domination doesn’t last hours, it tends to have a duration that’s measured in seconds instead. However, in combat that’s all the time that’s needed. Dominate will turn an organic enemy for several combat rounds on average, and even afterwards the damage may be done, as some foes, especially mercenaries and other untrustworthy types, won’t trust their comrade after the Domination has ended.

Dominate lasts one round per level of the ability trained, plus one additional round. So it lasts 2 rounds at the first level, three at the second, and so on. Using Dominate is taxing, it can be used once per combat before Resolve must be spent to activate it again.

  1. Mindrush: The basic ability of Dominate is like a rush of clashing minds. Emotion and neural shock overwhelms the victim and turns his worldview inside out temporarily. It’s crude and it’s a little brutal but it works. It doesn’t leave the target in much of a condition to fight his former friends, but that’s fine too, because generally they’ll finish him off as soon as he starts firing at them.
    • When using this power in combat, the player rolls Willpower + Dominate against the organic’s Biotic Defense + Resolve (if he has any) as a Standard Action.
    • If the power is successful the organic foe is Dominated for the duration.
    • This level of Dominate causes harm to the victim, softening him up for his friends to kill or for the dominator to finish off once the effect has ended.
      • The target suffers the Biotic’s Willpower in Health damage and is Smoked for the duration of the Dominate effect, plus one additional round.
  2. Power Synergy: Dominating someone already suffering from a biotic attack is easier than getting someone who’s alert and in control of their situation. Any continuous power, either suspension type powers like Singularity and Pull, or attack type powers like Warp leave the target a little more susceptible to Domination.
    • Using Domination on a target that’s already affected by another power extends the duration by 2 additional rounds. If the Target is suspended for longer than the Domination duration, he’s still Dominated for 1 round after the suspension ends.
    • A target affected by other biotics takes critical (x1.5) damage from Dominate, or double damage on a natural crit.
    • All Dominated targets are now Smoked for 2 rounds following the end of the Dominate effect.
  3. Battle Rage: Rather than weakening and confusing the target, this form of Dominate sends them in a fury against their allies. It’s useful for turning an enemy into a weapon, but it has the potential to leave a perfectly healthy, and very angry enemy behind once the Dominate effect ends. Most people dominated in this way will focus their anger on the biotic once the effect is over.
    • Using the Battle Rage variant of Dominate does not Smoke or damage the target. Instead, the target gets a +5 to accuracy and +5 to base damage for the duration of the Dominate effect.
    • Normal uses of Dominate now inflict the biotic’s Willpower +5 in health damage.
  4. Regret: This varient of the Dominate power leaves the victim badly incapacitated at the end of the effect. Moreover, he can fight at full power during the domination duration. It indicates a finer level of control as well, the dominator can choose to force the target to use special abilities, including biotics.
    • Regret doesn’t inflict Health damage, nor does it Smoke the target. It allows the dominator to force the target to use 1 special ability plus one per accuracy bonus he would have received on the roll.
    • When the Regret effect ends, the target is Stunned for 1 round following the effect. On the round that the Stun ends, the target is Dazed.
    • Normal uses of Dominate now inflict Willpower +10 in Health damage, and Smoke the target for 3 rounds after the effect ends.


Pull is a single-target power for most users, one that’s main purpose is to render an enemy helpless and vulnerable, rather than cause damage. However, creative use of this power can certainly put the affected enemy in harm’s way. The normal use of this power grabs an enemy in a biotic field, lifting them and propelling them gently back toward the biotic. This gives ample time for the target to be shot while out of cover, and prevents most enemies from attacking while suspended. As with Singularity and Lift, only a person who possesses Resolve can fire with any hope of hitting someone while suspended by a Pull field. Even those that can fire suffer a -5 penalty to attack in addition to any other penalties, due to the way the field suspends them.

Like most Biotic powers, Pull is draining to use. Using it more than twice in a single combat requires the Biotic to spend a point of Resolve. Pile Driver cannot be used on the round after the Biotic has used any other biotic power, nor can it be used two rounds in a row. Pull suspends a target for 2 rounds per level of this ability learned.

  1. Pull: A mass effect field forms around the target, lifting them and moving them back toward the biotic.
    • The attack roll for Pull is Willpower + Pull, against the target’s Biotic Defense.
    • On a hit, the target is Pulled.
    • Pull synergizes well with other biotics, granting a +5 to any roll to use a Biotic power on someone Suspended in a Pull field.
  2. Power Synergy: Advanced uses of Pull either dragging a target into the worst part of another biotic field, or presenting the perfect target. Using Pull on a target already affected by another biotic power doubles the damage they would have recived that round. Also, the Pull field now enhances other fields that come in contact with it, granting the following bonus to any power hitting a held target.
    • Percussive Biotics like Shockwave, Throw, and Pile Driver deal their Critical damage against held Targets, or double damage if the roll is critical.
    • Damaging effects like Warp gain an extra round of duration from a Pull field.
  3. Heavy Pull: Eschewing extra duration for more power at the start, this version of Pull lasts only the normal 2 rounds. However, it’s possible to use it to lift much heavier targets.
    • Pull gets a +5 bonus to the power roll, allowing much heavier and more agile people to be Suspended.
  4. Pull Field: Not quite as powerful as a full strength Lift field, this use of Pull still allows the biotic to grab several enemies at once, and has the advantage of moving them as well. The disadvantage is that spreading Pull’s power out reduces duration and makes it more difficult to lift powerful opponents, like krogan.
    • Pull field lasts for only 4 rounds, and gets a -5 to the power activation roll from the difficulty of using Pull this way. However, the Pull hits everything within Short Range of a target point, lifting all enemies who’s Biotic Defense is equaled or exceeded.
    • Regular Pull now inflicts Pull 2 on it’s targets.

Biotic Abilities

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