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Active Assignments

[Allies] – The Bewitched Mountain (250xp) [Jatra Alliance]

Leren, the Jatra King, has information about the Bug ship. Apparently it landed on Sabrata, and took over an entire mountain. He sent scouts to investigate, but they didn’t return. He’s sent men to stand watch for anything coming from that direction, but isn’t willing to send more scouts to die. His ships have overflown the mountain a couple of times and nearly crashed. When they returned they were missing some eezo from their cores.
He describes a general feeling of unease that he’s had since it landed, and has offered military support and a safe port if the Spectres can rid his world of this strange threat. He even has a shuttle they can take to get there, if they’re willing to risk the eezo drain. Otherwise they can always ride.
  • Determine if the Bewitched Mountain really is infested by the bug ship.
  • Solve the problem of the Mountain’s ‘bewitchment’.

[Binary Helix] – Salvage and Samples (600xp) [Up to 500,000 credits]

Rafael Vargus sends an extranet message letting the Spectres know that Binary Helix has reviewed their case and would like to offer monetary compensation for any unusual items, biological samples or other curiosities that the team comes across as they travel the galaxy.
The company will pay a premium for special salvage and samples. All prices will be agreed upon before BH takes the item in, to prevent any misunderstandings. Any items that seem to not garner a good value can stay with the Spectres. Also, the Spectres need not offer up all their items, just the ones they choose to show to BH.
Binary Helix’s main office has authorized an escrow account with 500,000 credits in it to be disposed of as Vargus sees fit for these sorts of purchases. If the account becomes drained the company will almost certainly be happy to negotiate a new deal. Samples and salvage can be dropped off at any civilized world, and at any BH office or installation.
  • Sell some Salvage to BH. (100xp)
  • Max out the Escrow Account. (500xp)

[General] – The Seared Eye (500xp) [50,000 cr]

While going through the effects of Roland and Amarra, the team discovered that they had a lot of dealings with a Dar’Shan captain named Jorgo Tar’sara. Jorgo is apparently doing a lot of work on the side, that he doesn’t seem to be reporting to Dar’Shan. It looks like he’s trying to raise his rank in the organization, or just gain more personal power, but he’s doing it by brutally exploiting civilians. He’s getting help from some organization called “The Seared Eye” which he also introduced to Roland and Amarra. Between his Dar’Shan rank and his contacts in the Eye, he’s gotten extremely dangerous. Jorgo is gearing up to attack a human colony, it seems.
There’s no indication of which colony, or exactly when this will happen, but there are only a few colonies close to Jorgo’s operational area. None of them are official Alliance colonies. Jorgo operates out of the Litania system, not on the Jatra homeworld but on one of the lifeless planets in the system. The exact location of his base is not given in the communications.
  • Discover Jorgo’s target and the timetable for his attack on the colony.
  • Find Jorgo’s base in the Litania system and determine what defenses he has.

[Phoenix] – Inner Demons Pt. 1 (500xp)

Kathryn has a lot of baggage left behind by Binary Helix. Including cybernetic implants that can apparently take over her mind. The implants cause damage when used, which appears to be not from any fault of Binary Helix but simple callous disregard. Kathryn jealously guards any information related to this condition for obvious reasons. It represents a terrible weakness and a lot of trauma.
However, since the implants activate whenever Kathryn is in particularly intense combat, and her supply of the drug to prevent the implant damage is tenuous, it’s obvious that she needs help. It’s also likely that it’ll be impossible to get close to Kathryn without resolving or at least learning about this issue.
  • Get Kathryn to talk about her implants and the circumstances surrounding them.
    • Infiltrate a Binary Helix Archive building on Illium to find out where the Chameleon Project materials ended up.
  • Secure more Kermine so that Kathryn can manage her condition without being damaged.
    • Break into a Binary Helix storage facility that contains Kermine. OR Re-purpose a drug factory to produce a batch of fresh Kermine.
  • Discover more about the nature of the implants, and what can be done to mitigate or stop their negative effects.
    • Get access to information about Binary Helix implants, from a lab producing them, or from archive sources.

[Ship] – Keeping up with the Jonses (500xp)

The Revenant has received one upgrade but is far from fully outfitted. It also hasn’t seen a proper test of it’s key systems, mainly weapons systems and stealth-mode for the shields. Sooner or later the ship will end up in combat. It’s probably a good idea to make sure everything works, and give the crew a chance to work together in a training situation before the real thing comes around. Also, while it was quite nice to get the broadside guns for free, maybe it’s time to purchase an upgrade for the ship as well.
  • Test vital ship systems (250xp)
    • Test the Stealth System against live scanners. (200xp)
    • Perform a weapons test on some asteroids in an uninhabited system. (50xp)
  • Purchase any ship upgrade. (250xp)

Completed Assignments

[PRIVATE TERMINAL] – Darkstar Station (300xp)

Tribunus Mardala Kinara has asked Aela to investigate the probable death of a Council agent. This agent, on Venia T’Arana, had been investigating a Batarian amp-producer. The quality of the amps was causing some worries among the Citadel forces, and the agent had gone dark. The Tribunus naturally could not take care of this herself, as she is busy commanding a Dreadnought in the Traverse.
  • Go to Darkstar station and determine if Venia is alive or dead.
    • Survive the Infestation and get some answers.

[Private Terminal] – One Night on the Bejing (300xp)

Wolfgang is alerted to a situation by Operations Chief Richard Marcinko. The grandfather of the N7 program has asked Wolfgang to look into what he considers to be the unfair smearing of one of their own, Gunnery Chief Tasha Shreve. She’s in the Abyss, and being held on the charge of using Red Sand.
With help from Councilor Anderson Wolfgang has the authority to conduct his investigation, and even convene a Court Marshal if he deems it necessary. Still, some caution is advised. Not is all as it seems with the Bejing’s mission, and even Spectres can be ground up in the gears of the political machine.
  • Determine the truth behind what happened to Chief Shreve.
  • Resolve the situation with the rogue N7s.
  • Put a stop to the dangerous and illegal doping program on the Beijing.

h4. [Crew] – Heroes For Hire (200xp) It shouldn’t be a surprise that there are some forces for good and order in the Abyss. What is a surprise is that apparently one of those forces is hiring. The Vailwer group called the Farwalkers is looking for muscle, and they’d be able to bankroll your team. Of course, every Farwalker ship is a big target for mercs, pirates, and other scum.
  • Contact the Farwalkers on Doria, and ask to join the cause.
    • Complete the ‘The Abyss’s own Bonny and Clyde’ mission.

The Abyss’s own Bonnie & Clyde (350xp :: 30,000 credits)

The Farwalkers have suggested a mission to evaluate the Revenant and crew, to see if they can handle a mission and if they’re willing to do what it takes. A human Warlord who styles himself “Lord Roland” and his bondmate, an Asari commando named Amarra, have taken over a small mining colony on a moon orbiting Maya. They’re using it as a base to launch pirate attacks and smuggle anything lucerative. The group is fair-sized, and includes a small swift frigate as well as the ground troops and marines.
Pay is 30,000 credits plus salvage, based on Roland and Amarra’s crimes as well as how well defended they are.
  • Eliminate or capture Lord Roland and Amarra.
  • Disable or destroy their illegal operations.

[Crew] – Get some Income (600xp)

Nobody expects pay for their first day on the job, but sooner or later the crew is going to need to be paid. Docking fees and fuel costs will add up, as will the price of weapon and armor upgrades. The Spectre office is notoriously stingy, so making money is something the squad will have to figure out on its own.
  • Talk to Hodin and/or Naia about options.
  • Complete one of the options for making money. (200xp)
    • Haul Cargo worth at least 5,000 Net Credits.
  • Complete a second money making option. (200xp)
    • Sign with Binary Helix.
  • Try out a third method of making cash. (200xp)
    • Smuggle Weapons.

[Crew] – Corporate Living (200xp)

Binary Helix has a lot of money, and would love to have the services of a group of Spectres, or even just heavily armed mercenaries. They could easily foot the bill for your entire operation, but as long as you keep taking money from them, they’d get to demand that you do certain jobs…
  • Contact Binary Helix on Illium and sell them your services.
  • Complete the Gene-Sequencing Assignment.

[Binary Helix] – Gene Sequencing (100xp)

In exchange for funding, Binary Helix would like the Squad to buy some black-market information on Vailwer genetics and deliver it to the company. BH will finance the sale, and pay the squad a handsome sum of 50,000 credits on top of whatever the information costs. Vargas doesn’t know how exactly the information can be purchased, but he does know that it should be available on the Black Market, and he knows of at least one Vailwer contact for that kind of activity.
  • Speak to Ashvek Taldren on Doria.
  • Attend the meeting that Ashvek set up, and be prepared for trouble.

[Crew] – An honest day’s wage (200xp)

It’s hard work, but it’s honest, has the potential to pay well, and doesn’t entangle the squad with any corporations. Find some valuable cargo and transport it to a planet where it’s worth even more. You’ll want to take on a couple of laborers if you plan to do this on a regular basis.
  • Check Illium’s commodities market, and use the Extranet to check prices on other planets, then buy low, transport, and sell high.

[Kel’Jaroth] – Investigate Severstal Inc. (250xp)

Kel’s sister Kevi is the head of a small Illium corp called Severstal, founded by Admiral Daro’Xen. The nature of the corp’s research and business seems questionable, as does it’s connection to Sirta and unsavory elements in uncivilized areas of the galaxy.
  • Investigate Severstal’s Connection to Sirta. (50xp)
  • Discover the nature of Severstal’s research. (100xp)
  • Find out what ‘alien materials’ Severstal is buying. (100xp)

[Dossier] – The Prodigy (100xp)

Naia has a friend who is a brilliant scientist but has trouble getting science-related work. Perhaps she’d be willing to join up, despite the danger of the mission.
  • Recruit Kathryn Phoenix on Illium.


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