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Long lived beyond the dreams of most races, the Asari have a knack for taking their specialties to impressive heights, while still remaining balanced enough to have a number of useful talents. They are also the most biotically adept race, nearly every Asari has some skill with biotic powers. A typical Asari operative has had decades to devote themselves solely to their specialty, with plenty of time off in between bouts of training to pick up side skills. Because of this, they seem to be good at everything they do.

In the Nemean Abyss, the Asari are seen as either terrifying warriors or harem toys. Because so few Asari go into the Abyss, those that arrive are either down on their luck exiles, or among the best warriors and agents their people have to offer. Armed Asari are treated with fearful respect, and watched for weakness. It’s known that Asari commandos have expensive and valuable weapons, so they make good targets to rob despite the risk. An unarmed Asari is assumed to be either a slave or on her way to slavery, and given no respect at all, unless her owner is someone powerful.

In general, the Nemean Abyss is a pretty hostile place to the Asari, something that is often a massive culture shock to a race that is used to being on top of the pile in Citadel space.

Racial Traits

  • Statistic Bonuses: +1 Reflexes; +1 Willpower
  • Skill Bonuses:
    • Increase one Class Skill by one level.
    • Increase one Personal Skill by one level, or purchase a new personal skill at Novice.
  • Misc Bonuses:
    • Melding - Because of their ability to mate with any species, and connect biotically with them, Asari have an innate understanding of others. They gain a +3 bonus to any social interaction where they are emphasizing their connection to the person they’re speaking to over other concerns. This is often done seductively, but does not have to be sexual. Asari businesswomen often build their business on the basis of good relationships instead of better products.
      • If the character is a member of a Biotic class, this ability allows a sort of rudimentary telepathy while in close physical contact with a willing subject.
    • Highly Skilled - Asari may designate one skill that they can use as if they were a Novice instead of Untrained. If the Asari wishes to purchase that skill later, they must still buy the Novice rank. If the Asari does buy the novice rank of their designated skill, they may designate another skill as one that they do not suffer the penalties for a total lack of training, while using it.

Racial Power

Rather than a power common to all Asari Operatives, the racial power of the Asari reflects their great Biotic skill. All Asari, regardless of class, may pick one of the Biotic powers as an extra ability. They may choose from the list of general powers, or even choose one from a biotic class.


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