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Armor as a secondary stat is distinct from the physical armor that a character wears, but of course closely related. Armor is extremely useful because it subtracts from incoming attack damage once the character’s shields are down, acting as sort of a secondary shield. Once the armor’s protective points are used up, that’s it for the rest of the combat. Unlike shields, armor can’t be restored in-combat, it requires some time in a non-combat situation to patch, repair, and re-fit the armor. This only takes about 10 minutes under most circumstances.

There are three levels of Armor, Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light armor can be worn by almost anyone, and doesn’t restrict movement much at all. Medium armor generally requires some training to be comfortable in combat, but restricts movement only a little while providing slightly better protection. Heavy armor provides a lot of protection, but requires significant training to get used to the weight and restricted motion it imposes.

The three armor ratings are listed below, as far as how much protection they provide.

  • Light Armor – 5
  • Medium Armor – 10
  • Heavy Armor – 15


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