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Accuracy is the bonus to attack rolls that a character gets from a lifetime of combat training. Most soldiers have little or no bonus to accuracy, they fire a gun off their raw reflexes. Highly trained troops get a bonus above and beyond their attribute, and commandos like Spectres get the across the board bonus, but also an additional bonus with weapons they specialize in.

Accuracy is granted by class, and tends to increase with level. Some special powers may give a bonus to accuracy in certain situations or for certain weapons. Also, characters may be more accurate with weapons they’ve specialized in than with something less used.

It’s best to simply calculate the accuracy bonus a character gets with his commonly used weapons and other attacks, combining that bonus with the attribute used for the roll. That way the overall number that is added to the die rolls is easy to reference in combat. Having the math in there as well makes it easy to update the number when the character levels up.

A typical soldier’s accuracy listings might look something like this.

Assault Rifle
  • +13
    • Base (+2); Specialize (+3); Reflexes (+8)
  • +12
    • Base (+2); Specialize (+2); Reflexes (+8)
Rifle Butt (Melee)
  • +8
    • Base (+2); Strength (+6)


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