Kel'Jaroth nar Lanya

Sentinel and Spectre Operative


Experience: [XP Tracker]

Health: 48(+8 with Warlord for 56)
Armor: 15(+8 with Warlord for 23)
Shields: 55(+8 with Warlord for 63)
Defense: 17
Tech Defense: 12
Biotic Defense: 9
Resolve: 6

Weapon Accuracy:
+2 damage for every 5 points that you exceed their defense by

Heavy Pistols: 11
Submachine Guns: 11
Light Pistols: 9

Weapon Damage:

Heavy Pistols: 10/15 (7 Capacity)
Submachine Guns: 10/15 (60(20) Capacity)
SMG Autofire: 16/24 (60(4) Capacity)
Light Pistols: 8/12 (15 Capacity)


Strength: 5
Reflexes: 7
Toughness: 8
Intelligence: 12
Willpower: 10
Charisma: 7


Endurance: Expert
Computers: Grandmaster
Medic: Practiced
Mechanic: Master
Pilot: Practiced
Persuasion: Master

Personal Skills:

Lore: Stellar Cartography: Expert
Commerce: Practiced

Spectre Training and other Level Up Powers:

1. Substitute Intelligence on any roll. (Resolve Point)
2. Roll a skill you don’t have as a Novice. (Once per Day)
3. +5 Shields, +5 Explosion damage on Tech Armor (Already entered below).
4. +10 Throw and Overload damage (Already Entered Below)


Cryo Grenade: -
Overload: 2 (Damage: 60/85, Autocrit on shields)
Throw: 2 (Damage 50/70, 2 Space Knockback, +10/+15 Damaage +1 Knockback on a Suspension-affected target, Dazed on a non-suspended biotic affected target)
Warp: 3 (Damage 20 per round, 3 round duration, target has Sunder 7 and Vulnerable 10, can destroy light cover. When hitting suspended target, it explodes for 30 damage to all targets in short range)
Tech Armor: 3 (+30 Shields, +4 Tech Defense, +5 Tech Grenade Rolls, Intel in Rounds. 10 Explosion Damage, Staggered on all targets. +30 damage/1 Knockback if do not beat a biotic defense roll, 15 damage/staggered if they do, +25 Shields if used with Shield restore)
Gadgets: 3
Combat Drone: 2
Extra Points: 2

Drone Stats:

Health: 15
Armor: 15
Shields: 35
Accuracy: 12
Damage: 12/18
Subsystems: Chassis Upgrade (+10 HP), Sensor Suite (+3 to tech attacks for Kel)

Gear and Omnitool Upgrades:

Prodigy VIII Bio Amp: +3 to all Biotic attack rolls
Omnitool: Variable Interfacing Tool
Omnitool: Jamming Emitter

Personal Credit Reserves: 4,000


During the mid-2100s, the Quarian vessel the Lanya sustained heavy damage and nearly experienced a meltdown of its eezo core during a skirmish with a Batarian Slave raid. This may explain why there is such a high instance of biotics among the children of woman who grew up on or joined the crew of the Lanya. Kel’Jaroth nar Lanya is one of these children, the son of the chief engineer of the Lanya and a Marine.

While a generally gregarious young man, Kel believes his people are too stubborn and prideful, that the migrant fleet is unnecessary with so many perfectly good inhabitable worlds about. They made a mistake with the Geth, and they need to own up to it. The Geth deserve to live too. Of course, such views are best not uttered on the Flotilla, even with the backing of Admiral Zaal’Koris.

On his Pilgrimage, he came across a distress single from a small, barren planet. Touching down, he found the crew of the Asari cruiser Aether locked in pitched combat with a group of Eclipse Mercenaries. Using his technical expertise and biotic powers, he was able to sap and draw off the mercenaries, eventually saving the life of the captain of the vessel by overloading the systems of a YMIR Mech that had her pinned down.

As it turned out, the captain of the Asari cruiser was a Spectre, Yavanna Kolris. The Asari had been tracking down a massive underground slave ring, but found the small outpost they’d expected was a massive mining operative using slave labor, with enough merc guards to keep them grounded. Kel helped them clear out the mines and free the slaves. They discovered that the complex housed a massive, nearly intact Prothean research facility, and that Eclipse had been using the slaves to dismantle it and sell the raw materials and artifacts to the highest bidder. In return for his help, Yavanna offered Kel a Prothean data disc with star charts of many previously unexplored systems, and a berth on her crew.

Kel elected instead to take the disc and return to the Flotilla. He offered it to the Captain of the Qwib’Qwib, with the condition that the star data be pored over for a new homeworld. While the Qwib’Qwib, home of Zaal’Koris, was more sympathetic to his insistence than most, the Conclave rejected his audacity. In a fit of anger and exasperation, he left the fleet and took Yavanna up on her offer.

He explored the galaxy with Yavanna and her crew for some years, serving as a valuable team member on many missions for the Citadel and the Spectres. Unfortunately, their travels came to an end in the Armstrong Cluster in late 2185, investigating rumors of Geth reemergence in the system. They came across a Geth flagship equipped with more than enough firepower to take out the Aether. Yavanna died when a point blank cannon blast from the Geth ship exploded a console in her face. It was Kel who proved a major hand in saving the Aether from complete destruction, using his tech know-how to repair the ships’ shields on the fly and get a few well placed cannon blasts on the Geth ship, enough to destroy it. The distress signal bought swift response from the Council. The Aether was so far gone that not even a Quarian could do much more than salvage it, and it was likely only Kel’s expertise that kept the ship afloat and in life support long enough to hold out for rescue. In recognition of his heroics, his resourcefulness and his consistent service to Yavanna, the Council agreed that he should be named a Spectre in her place. However, since he is Quarian and technically persona-non-grata to the Council, he must keep his affiliation a secret as much as possible.

Kel, despite his estrangement from the Flotilla, considers himself a representative of the Quarian people and is still on the look out for suitable homeworlds or anything else that could finally get his stubborn-minded people on the track to recovery as a people.

Kel'Jaroth nar Lanya

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