Kathryn Phoenix

Scientist, Soldier, and Hottie





Level: 6

General Skills:
  • Science: Grandmaster
    • Physics
      • Materials; Nuclear; Particle; E-Zero Theory
    • Biology
      • Genetics
    • Chemistry
      • Organic, Inorganic; Nanorobotics
  • Computers: Expert
  • Medicine: Expert (Cybernetics)
  • Engineering: Practiced
  • Stealth: Practiced
  • Deception: Novice
Personal Skills:
  • Lore (Secret Projects): Expert
  • Base: +2
  • Sniper Rifle: +3
  • SMG: +2

Special Abilities: 1 unspent point

  • Damping: 3
  • Marksman: 2
  • Particle Ammo: 3
  • Stasis: 2

Previously living on Illium, Kathryn technically has no legal identity, relegating her to legally questionable planets. Despite that, she doesn’t seem to have trouble getting work, either as a scientist in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics, or, when times are tough, as a mercenary.

She’s the product of an ill-described genetic modification lab that she obviously has few, if any fond memories for. The Peak 15 research facility on Noveria that produced her and at least 2 other women later became the site of one of Saren’s gambits to destroy galactic society. Kathryn (known to the Corporation as C-1799) has extensive implants from Binary Helix that have become not just problematic, but life-threatening as they begin to malfunction.

Kathryn is obviously extremely brilliant, and has an impressive list of scientific Doctorates to her name.

Kat’s Academic Degrees:

  • PhD – Bio Chemistry
  • PhD – Genetic Engineering
  • PhD – Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD – Organic Chemistry
  • PhD – Physical Chemistry
  • PhD – Particle Physics (Just for ‘fun’)
  • MS – General Medicine
  • MS – Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • MS – Computer Engineering
  • BS – Computer Science
  • BS – Chemical Engineering

Kathryn Phoenix

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