Hodin Ven

Entrepreneur and fixer extrodinare!





Level: 6

General Skills:
  • Commerce: Expert
  • Pilot: Master
  • Deception: Practiced
  • Mechanic: Practiced
  • Persuasion: Practiced
  • Navigation: Practiced
  • Lore (Spectres): Novice
Personal Skills:
  • Carousing: Practiced
  • Heavy Pistol: +3
  • SMG: +2
Special Abilities: 1 unspent point
  • Cryo Blast: 2
  • Disabling Ammo: 3
  • Holograms: 3
  • Overload: 1

Hodin may not be the richest sentient in the Abyss yet, but he’s aiming to be the best known. He’s made deals from one end of the sector to the other, and in neighboring sectors as well. If it can be bought and sold, he’s traded it, sometimes between bitterly antagonistic factions.

Always on the lookout for the next best thing, Hodin is energetic and motivated, and unlike most of his race, brave enough to handle a rough sector or two. In fact, Hodin is known to have killed several merchants who tried to double cross him, personally. He may not be an amazing fighter but he is capable and the sheer surprise most people have at being attacked by a Volus of all things gives him an additional edge.

Hodin Ven

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