Naia Kularis

Musician, Singer, Dancer, and Gourmet Chef





Level: 6

General Skills:
  • Performance: Expert
  • Deception: Master
  • Cooking: Expert
  • Persuasion: Practiced
  • Perception: Practiced
  • Medic: Novice
  • Intimidation: Novice
Personal Skills:
  • Art (Music): Expert
  • Light Pistol: +2

Special Abilities: 1 unspent point

  • Barrier: 2
  • Lift: 3
  • Pull: 1
  • Warp: 3

Still firmly in her Maiden phase, Naia is exploring a lot of what the galaxy has to offer. Rather than just shake her ass on stage, she prefers to give a more refined performance as a singer, either solo or accompanied. It’s not a lot more refined, most of her songs are pretty scandalous, and the dancing is energetic and flirty. Her clothing does remain firmly on during performances.

Entertaining has been a good way to get around the galaxy so far, and when she can’t find someone willing to pay her way to their venue, she hires on as a ship’s cook to pay for passage. Naia’s popularity has been rising in the Abyss and Terminus systems lately, so she has a broad variety of contacts among local leaders, be they politicians or crime bosses.

Naia’s biotic abilities are good, but not outstanding. While she’ll never be one of the Asari’s most famous Adepts, she can easily take care of herself. This means she rarely bothers with the expense of bodyguards when on tour, and allows her to hire on to vessels that are looking for a cook that can also fight.

With an eye toward a future profession something like what Sha’ira built for herself on the Citadel, Naia also focuses on understanding and fostering social relationships. She’s as talented at that as she is at her singing and cooking, making her an excellent morale officer on any ship she’s on, whether she’s got the post officially or not.

Naia Kularis

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