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Top News

Tuchunka United!

After months of bloody battle, and a near-total communications blackout, Clan Urdnot and it’s allied clans now claim nearly eighty percent of the planet’s surface. Clan Leader Urdnot Wrex has issued a formal statement of Krogan unity. This announcement sent ripples through the political and financial spheres. Travel, trade, and tourism anywhere near the Krogan DMZ has taken a massive hit, while military and security industries found themselves booming.

Old News

The Nemean Abyss is a place riddled with crime, corruption, and strange races seldom if ever seen in Citadel Space. Now people whisper of bizarre events. The dead return to life they say, whole planets are haunted, supernatural monsters lurk between the stars.

Most scoff at such tales. Products of an uncivilized life, they say, frightened tales told by those who are too ignorant to know better. But someone listened. Someone with the power to hack the message system for the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance division.

A small group of Spectres were given what they thought were legitimate orders to investigate a planet called Opheltes, a newly discovered world home to a strange race of plant-like aliens. What they find there will raise questions even more urgent than the source of their forged orders.

With the Citadel Council as blind to threats outside their narrow world-view as ever, can a few Spectres prevent disaster that seems to threaten the entire sector?

At the Heart of the Abyss

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